Pursue a Paperless Classroom This School Year

Some things that happen in education are really stupid. Sometimes the smartest people with the best of intentions can champion and implement ideas that are nonsensical, unhelpful, and really frustrating. It happens all the time. However, the near consensus move toward paperless education is not one of those things. As teachers, this can be a difficult concept to embrace. It’s natural to collect and distribute information on paper, and many of us have been doing it for years or decades. Anecdotally, I’ve found that students sometimes even prefer paper because, while they can navigate technology better than any generation alive, they struggle with skills like organization, time management, and self-discipline, and technology doesn’t actually improve any of these. Still, the technological age is upon us, and there are many compelling reasons for schools and teachers to pursue a paperless classroom this school year.

1. The form should match the function 
Regardless of our subject area, we are all preparing our students to be successful in whatever endeavors they choose after they leave our classrooms. The content that we teach is important, but the way that we teach it is important as well. It’s rare to find a professional job “pushing paper.” Instead, employees are asked to collaborate in a digital work environment where essential information, important projects, and company resources are all found online. By embracing a digital-first approach to the classroom, we are helping students begin to develop the necessary skills to be successful in that environment because the ability to use a computer isn’t the difficult part. The ability to use a computer to produce high quality, timely and collaborative product in the 21st century is the necessary skill for the modern workforce model.

2. Resources are scarce
You don’t have to work in one of the world’s beleaguered school districts to know that resources for school supplies and materials are scarce. Per 1,000 students, the average school is spending $3,000 to $4,000 a month on printing and printing related costs. While cost estimates can vary, it’s clear that this is a significant expenditure for schools, and they can definitely be repurposing those funds toward initiatives that best prepare students for future success. By embracing a paperless classroom, we are modeling students’ future workforce, and we are freeing up resources for other projects.

3. It’s an easier process
If the improved methodology and resource prioritization aren’t convincing enough, consider how much easier it is to upload files to the cloud than it is to make hundreds of copies each morning. I used to arrive hours early to work to prepare resources and to make sure that I got a spot on the copy machine before it jammed and broke for the day. I still get up early to prepare for my classes, but I sit at my kitchen table where I prepare content for my digital learning environment. Once I embraced the shift, my workflows improved, and I started saving time on material prep, and I was able to redirect those efforts toward content prep. This is a much better use of our time, and going paperless helps us maximize our efforts.

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Bill DeLisle
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Bill DeLisle is an English teacher and writer. He lives in Indianapolis with his wife and two kids.