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    3 warm-up activities to remotely engage and energize students

    Despite the freedom and convenience of teaching and learning from home, ongoing virtual interactions can be extremely taxing on the brain. Digital fatigue – the pressure of being constantly plugged into virtual interactions, is a very real consequence of the current unprecedented (but necessary) push toward online instruction. To encourage sustained attention and interaction, teachers, perhaps now more than ever, need to find creative ways to generate interest and energize learners, particularly when introducing new content. These three warm-up activities are fun, activate schema, and generate exploratory discussion in a meaningful way. They are also guaranteed to reload student interest and energy.     Picture Reveal Picture Reveal is an…

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    Being a Kami Hero: How you can help schools and learning communities

    When COVID-19 started to present challenges to our educator communities, our resilient group of Kami Heroes was there to help. Kami Heroes are educator ambassadors who support our mission to reimagine digital learning. However, their role goes beyond the classroom—their immense dedication helped thousands of teachers, parents, and guardians when the shift to remote learning occurred.    To celebrate their incredible efforts, we reached out to some of our 2020 members and asked them how being a Kami Hero has helped their peer learning networks during these challenging times.     How has Kami transformed your teaching?   Megan: Although I no longer have a classroom of my own, Kami…

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    Keep Calm, Stickers are Here

    Have you tried out Kami’s stickers yet? We are still buzzing from the release of our latest feature (and possibly the most fun yet) to the Kami toolbar. We wanted to give you a little bit more insight into how the stickers work and why they were top of our list for implementation this back to school. How can you access the Kami stickers? Adding stickers to your Kami document is super easy, and there is a range of designs to pick from. Simply: Click the Image button on your toolbar. Select the Stickers option from the drop-down menu (the smiley face icon). Click on the sticker you want. Drag…

  • Kami for Jewish Studies
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    Kami for Jewish Studies

    When thinking about the teaching of Gemara and Jewish studies, it’s likely that your mind doesn’t immediately leap to cutting edge edtech. For the study and contemplation of such ancient and sacred texts more traditional modes of study spring to mind. But as the world moves online, technology is increasingly being utilized by innovative Rabbis and Jewish educators to enable more interactive and accessible study. Leading the charge is Jewish Studies Teacher and Rabbi Jonathon Simons in Manchester, UK. We caught up with him to learn a bit more about how he and his students have been using Kami. Going digital and discovering Kami A keen Kami user for the…

  • Kami for admin and business
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    Kami for Business and Admin

    Kami is primarily designed for classroom and educational use, but as a quality document annotator, it also has many applications for administration and staffroom tasks. Here are some of the most useful business functions of Kami and how you can use them in the office: 1.Opening and completing paperwork of all document formats (including PDFs) Kami is a dynamic online collaboration and annotation platform. With Kami, you can create, edit, or enhance existing documents, including scans and PDFs. Using the array of Kami mark up and annotation tools you can easily fill in forms and edit PDFs.  How to open a file in Kami Open Kami by clicking the purple…