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Oakdale Junior High School makes learning more engaging using Kami

Challenge: Melody Hastings sent out an assignment through Google Classroom but realized that they lacked technology that would enable them to edit PDF files. While searching for a cost-effective solution that would best serve the students’ learning needs, she found Kami. As a mathematics teacher, Hastings recognize the importance of precision when it comes to digital learning activities. In her opinion, kids are “naturally drawn to technology”, so she wanted to create a more engaging learning experience by showing students how they could use technology for schoolwork.

Solution: Oakdale Junior High School in California purchased a district-wide Kami School Licence. Hastings soon discovered that Kami was more than just a PDF editor, supporting collaboration between students and teachers during assignments and enabling interactive, personalized learning. And Kami’s seamless integration into the district’s Google Classroom and Google environment served to enhance the value they derive from the technology they already used. In November 2018, Kami visited the school and talked to Hastings about her experience with using Kami tools, as well as the benefits of the Kami’s precision touchscreen capabilities when using a STAEDTLER Noris digital for Chromebook.

The [Kami] Drawing tool allows them to correct their mistakes without having to re-draw the whole line. And so, that’s a wonderful thing.

Melody Hastings, 8th Grade Math Teacher, Oakdale Junior High School

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