product update: new ways to share files
Product Updates

New ways to share files

The easy way to share your Kami files


Sharing your Kami files has never been easier with our new ‘Link Sharing’ option! Now as well as giving access to your original file, you can provide collaborators with their ready-made personal copy – and get this it saves directly into their Google Drive!


New file sharing


Why have we added a new link sharing option?


We are always looking for ways to make your digital classroom efforts as seamless as possible – and better link sharing can cut out a lot of time-wasting. 

The new link sharing option means that one assignment or worksheets can now be shared amongst a class, but everyone gets their own copy. It conveniently cuts out the possibility that 30 people may try and complete the same file! 

The save to drive feature also adds an extra level of security for anyone in danger of losing their homework or forgetting to save it.


How to use the ‘Share Document’ feature


There are 3 very simple steps to share your Kami file:

  1. Click on the ‘Share Document’ button – located at the right of your menubar.
  2. Select which settings you want on in the “Sharing Options” window.
  3. Simply copy, embed or share on social media the link produced at the top of the “Sharing Options” screen.


Need help using Kami? Go to our Help Center to get the latest tips and advice from our team.

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