New Pricing Structure

The Pricing Structure has been updated. Click Here to view.
Auckland, New Zealand – Thanks for being part of Kami. We couldn’t have got this far without the incredible support from you. After reaching our first one million signed up users last month, we promise to keep bringing you new tools to help you work smarter. However, we’ve reached a point where our prices no longer reflect the strength of Kami and how much it’s transformed in the last two years. In order to continue serving you the best online document annotation tool, we have updated our pricing structure. Pricing is now divided to Individual Pricing and Multi-license Pricing:

Individual Pricing
  1. Basic (free) account is now Free Plan
  2. Basic (no ads) account is now Standard Plan at $2/month
  3. Premium is now Pro Plan at $5/month


Multiple Pricing

  1. Work Plan for teams, groups, organizations, companies and enterprises
  2. Schools Plan for K12 schools


The complete feature set associated with each Plan is available on our new homepage, Click Here

To know more about the advertising on Kami Free Plan, Click Here

If you have any questions, need help, or share your thoughts, please go to our Community Forum

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