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New look, New Kami Theme

As part of the recent company rebranding efforts from the name change “Notable PDF” to “Kami”, we have rolled out a new visual identity that covers all elements of the brand and product. The process is still ongoing, with some major and minor updates to the overall visual and messaging of the company.

One of the recent changes is the user interface. It has a lighter scheme to go along with this new visual identity. The change is a major step away from the dark look that we have gotten accustomed. This change has been pending for quite a while. When we started developing Kami last November 2013; it was initially meant to be “quick and dirty” build. Our rapid growth, however, demanded that we have to prioritize feature releases and performance improvement. Hence, the UI/UX improvement has been slower than other developments in our product.

Kami’s initial design

Kami's initial design
Beta release of then Notable Docs (a name we used for just a few days). Wherein aesthetics wasn’t the main priority.

We soon improved upon it quickly. This design is what Kami (Notable PDF) looked for a year. As you can see the design language is more refined, mature, consistent and intuitive.

Kami's current dark theme
Kami’s current dark theme

The Future

We have grown a lot as a team since we started. We envision Kami as a product that millions of users around the world will be using every day. With this, the improvement of our app’s interface will be more forgiving and adaptive to what our users need. We aim to keep tweaking the interface to be the most beautiful online office productivity tool on the market. And an interface that is easy to understand and navigate.

We take the lead of Google’s Material Design. Google Chrome and Chromebooks users have always been one of our main priorities. We want our Google users to feel at home when they use Kami. And that they will have a flawless transition from other Google products to ours. Included in our mission is our non-Google users. We want all our users to have a smooth workflow that solves their problems.

What Happens Next?

There may be some rough edges here and there, which is why we’re slowly rolling this out. During this transition period, we will be reaching out to some of our users to collect feedback regarding the new changes.

A pop-up will appear on some of the users’ screen, like the one below, when you’re selected to try it. You’ll be given the option to provide feedback, as well as an option to revert to the original design temporarily. Over the course of this period, we will be carefully going through every snippet of feedback. Our goal is to make the new theme work for our users. So expect plenty of improvements to come.

If you prefer the old theme, you can change this through your settings by clicking on your profile icon.

Image of Kami when the new theme is rolling out. You'll have an option to provide feedback as well as revert to the old theme temporarily
The next time you log into Kami, you’ll have an option to provide feedback as well as revert to the old theme temporarily
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