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Nailing the First Meeting with a Potential Client

There are various approaches to selling, but for the most part, soft selling is what most real estate agents are attuned to. They allow their customers to be more informed, leaving them with numerous choices. Allowing customers to consider all their options makes the agent the “good guy,” regardless of whether or not the client decides to buy from them.

Most customers are attracted by and more appreciative of a positive approach rather than an abrasive and callous one. So how does any real estate agent achieve this? Success sales always begin with the start up conversation.

Clients want to feel at ease during the sales pitch, and the agent should ensure he or she brings positivity to clients’ property hunting. Real estate agents must start the conversation in a natural and relaxed way that does not sound like a robotic and scripted sales pitch; doing so will increase the chances of a successful sale.

A few of the mistakes agents make during start up conversations are grilling the client with numerous questions to the point that clients feel they are being interrogated. Not listening to what the client says leaves them the impression that the agent will not be able to help them. On the other hand, you can come across overly eager ones who leave a sense of desperation.

Here are tips to nail the first meeting.

Build rapport

Remember that people always buy from people they like. Rapport is built when two people find a common ground, which makes the communication much easier. You can start by being courteous, using a positive body language, being genuine, offering a compliment and avoiding criticisms, showing empathy, actively listening, asking open-ended questions, and not being judgmental. All these will lay a foundation of trust as well as establish a business value.

Know the current events

News is always an easy conversation starter. Make sure that you have news on tongue ready, but avoid topics of religion, race, war, etc.

Ask about the client

People always love to talk about themselves. You can start by asking them about their day, and then you can proceed to ask them about their work, hobbies, and other interests. Make sure, however, to couple this with a gesture that shows you are interested. Listen, don’t interrupt, and positively respond to their answers.

Prepare a repertoire

Interesting stories always get a client to pay attention and listen to you. You can search for interesting stories online or those that have become viral. Who knows? Your client may also know the same story, and both of you will already have something in common to talk about.


Science says that when a person smiles or laughs, oxygen in the brain increases, thus making the person’s mood lighter. Delivery is the key to a successful joke or punch line. You can practice with different tone inflections, the pitch of your voice, hand gestures, and more to make it sound more hilarious and interesting for the client to relate.

The goal to nailing the first meeting is to build a connection with the client, as well as to get vital information from the customer that could lead to an increased success rate.

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