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Must Haves for Every Home Office

Just like any regular office, your home office must be equipped with all the essentials so that you can run your business like a boss. Here are some of the must-haves in every home office, in no particular order.

Internet Access

You can’t respond to emails from clients, upload documents, share files, or hold Skype meetings if you don’t have internet access. This is what makes working from home even possible, so before you buy anything else, get an internet subscription.

Laptop or Desktop Computer

A home office should never be without a laptop or a desktop computer. This is where you will be doing most of your work from. Invest in a good laptop that’s loaded with functional features and will last you a long time.


There should still be a way to reach you when Skype, Viber, or Whatsapp fails. A landline may not be much these days because of mobile phones, but when your mobile phone runs out of battery, gets lost, or gets disconnected, the landline can come to the rescue.

Desk or Work Table

To be able to work at full capacity, you must have a good work area. Your desk or worktable should have all the things you will need within easy reach, and it should be spacious enough to let you work freely.


It’s as indispensable as your computer and your internet connection. It’s a must-have for every home office that relies heavily on hard copies as much as soft copies.


A headset is required if you don’t want to end up screaming or asking the people you’re speaking with to repeat themselves. It cancels out noise and ensures a smooth and clear conversation for both parties.

Ergonomic Chair

While working, you also need to consider your level of comfort. Invest in a chair that will support your back and your spine during long hours of work in front of the computer.

Filing Cabinets and Drawers

You need a place to store important documents. Having them in your home office helps you get organized and find important papers easier and faster.

Office Stationery and Supplies

Obviously, a home office must have office stationery. Make sure that you also have printer ink refills, pens, pencils, Post-Its, a stapler, staple wire, pushpins, and other home office essentials in stock. This will save you the hassle of making that emergency trip to the bookstore.

White Board / Cork Board

These are great additions to any home office because you can easily jot down or pin important stuff or reminders on them and then erase or take them down as soon as you complete them.


This is very important because it reminds you what day it is today, especially when you’re immersed in work. There’s a calendar app in your phone, as well as a tiny one in your computer toolbar, but nothing beats a real and traditional calendar that you can prop on your desk or mount on your wall.

Ventilation and Lighting

Your home office should also be well-lit and well ventilated. Otherwise, you won’t be able to work comfortably, efficiently, and productively. Make sure that natural light gets in during daytime and that you feel cool without turning on the fan or the air conditioner all the time.

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