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Maintaining your Dignity at your Exit Interview

You may not think too much of it, but an exit interview is something that you must do carefully. You must put a lot of thought into every answer because this can spell the difference between a positive reference and a negative one. In your desire to leave and start a new life with a new company, you may forget that there’s a good and right way to do an exit interview. Make one last impression before you part ways. Here are a few tips you should remember for that important exit interview.

Remain pleasant and professional

Sure, this is the last you’ll see of the HR manager but that doesn’t mean this company will no longer figure in your professional life. Even if you’re leaving, never close your doors on this employer. Don’t bash and don’t say anything that will make you look like a vengeful and unprofessional employee. Remember you need this employer as a positive reference in your career, so tread carefully.

Avoid hysterics and melodrama

You must keep your professionalism even if this is the last interview you’ll ever have with the company. You’ve already resigned. You’re already leaving the company for greener pastures. There’s no need to malign people or launch into a tirade that no HR manager ever wants to hear from their employee. Keep your comments concise and general. Only say positive things, never spiteful things. Don’t single out people and risk sounding like a child telling on a playmate.

Give nonemotional feedback

Try to keep all your feedback positive, and leave your emotions out of it. Give feedback that will help the company improve their workplace culture, and keep present and future employees happy, motivated, and satisfied.

Keep your feedback factual and professional, and only give useful facts. Keep opinions aside. It’s alright to share that one of the deciding factors for your decision to leave is the salary package, which you feel is not competitive enough compared with those offered by other companies in the same industry. This way, they will know the issues and the problems that need to be addressed.

Don’t forget to say thank you

Express your thanks for the trust and the confidence that your company has given to you. They could have picked another candidate, but they chose you. Let them know how much you appreciate it and how much you have grown as a person and as a professional. It might not have been the perfect employer-employee relationship, but you did share a few great years together, and that should count for something.

Be happy

An exit interview should not be taken as an opportunity to diss your soon-to-be former employer or coworkers just because you’re leaving. It’s also not a venue for airing your grievances over things that have happened in the past. There is no use crying over spilled milk. Instead, take this opportunity to wish the company the best of luck, and say it like you really mean it. Just keep in mind that this company was instrumental in helping you land that new job or opportunity.

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