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Keeping Track of your Invoices with Kami

As a freelancer running your own business, organization is key. You want to avoid the messy affair of inaccurate invoices or clients who are not even billed. You don’t want bad accounting or even missing paperwork to disrupt the flow of your small but flourishing operations. That’s why you need to have an organized and systematic way of keeping track of your invoices.

Use a good tool to help you with invoicing

There are free and premium software packages that you can purchase online to make your invoicing tasks easier and more organized. Make sure that your invoicing tool has a built-in numbering system that will allow you to easily record, track, and monitor pending or completed payments. These tools are quite useful, especially if you can’t afford to hire your accountant to handle your accounting or administrative work for you. It’s very easy to put off organizing your invoices when you have a lot of jobs to finish, so an invoicing tool can prove to be very beneficial in this case.

Come up with your payment policies

Before you take on a project and commence work, your client should be clear on your payment policies. They can be a big and successful company, but that doesn’t guarantee that you will be paid on time. You have to understand that not all clients will be the same. Some will be a nightmare to work with. If you have clear policies on the payment and delivery of services, you can protect yourself and your business. Some of the things that you will need to consider when you come up with your payment policies are the payment mode you will use, the down payment needed, the number of days a client is given to settle payments, and the penalty for late payments. These are guidelines that you and your client must both adhere to in order to avoid confusion or even animosity.

Send your invoices on time

Make sure that you send an electronic and a physical copy and that the client acknowledges receipt of the invoice.

Keep all invoices for record purposes

This applies to both the digital and the paper kinds. You never know when your invoicing tool will suddenly crash and stop working, so it helps if you have the original paper invoices.

Organize them by client and by month. Keep them in a filing cabinet for easy access.

Organize them with the help of Kami Split and Merge.

Kami’s Split and Merge can simplify your life when it comes to organizing your PDF invoices. With this helpful little tool that you can install on your Chrome browser, you can easily split or merge your PDF invoices and view them by chapter or by pages.

You can extract specific pages or chapters into a new PDF document. You can also merge several documents or mix different and alternate pages as you prefer. You can also rotate and reorder the pages as you see fit.

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