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Kami is University of Minnesota Students’ Go-To App

In a Nutshell

“Kami did what I needed it to do and didn’t cost me hundreds of dollars or force me to pirate software.”
– Troy Zimmerman, student at University of Minnesota

Challenge: Unable to sync notes on PDFs and documents

Solution: With Kami, the syncing of notes in PDFs is made easy. Kami can be connected and integrated to Google Apps for Work (Gmail and Google Drive).

Benefits: Easy. Low-cost. Fancy. These are the top three words that can be used to sum up how useful and effective Kami is inside the classroom. Kami allows the syncing and sharing of lectures efficiently so students and educators can collaborate in real-time.

Kami Is Every PDF Reader’s Competition

Portable Document Format, also known as PDF, was originally developed by Adobe Systems as a way to exchange digital files. As the name implies, its purpose is to provide users with a way of opening, reviewing, and printing saved documents in the PDF application. Since its creation, PDFs have evolved and improved significantly. A variety of PDF apps have long been created to compete against Adobe System’s Acrobat Reader (and what a tough competition it is). Enter Kami (formerly Notable PDF), a PDF reader that is growing in popularity because of its number of amazing capabilities.

With Kami, users can view PDF files in a browser, instantly share PDF files with other users, add and underline text, write strikethrough text, add comments, and even reply to other users’ comments.

Technical Challenges

Troy Zimmerman, a student at the University of Minnesota, needed to sync his notes and lectures on PDFs. He didn’t want to pay for a PDF reader that could do the job he needed to be done and he most certainly wasn’t going to pirate software in the hopes of syncing his lectures at the university he’s attending.

Kami Rescues Students from Their PDF Dilemmas

So Troy went to a place where almost all solutions to almost all of the people’s everyday problems can be found – Google search. He just typed in “PDF reader” in the Google search field, and Kami (formerly Notable PDF) came up in the organic search. After reading some positive reviews about Kami, he downloaded and installed it on his computer so he could try it for himself and see if the testimonials are indeed true. And Troy was thankful that he had given Kami a shot. Kami provided a solution to his problem with syncing his notes in PDF files. Kami took care of the job he needed done and Troy was thankful that he had tried it first or his time would have been wasted trying other PDF readers which may not work as seamlessly as Kami does.

Troy uses Kami everyday and it is useful to him when he needs to view files, highlight, add and underline text, draw freehand, draw shapes, add an e-signature, save files to an online drive or even to a hard drive, and/or view scanned files (using OCR). He purchased the premium plan and then integrated Kami with his Google Drive account. Because of the satisfaction he found in Kami, he went out of his way to recommend it to his professors and fellow students at the University of Minnesota. Everyone who tried Kami with Troy’s recommendation found it to be as reliable and effective as Troy did. Because of this, most people in the university that Troy attends now use Kami for syncing lectures.

Benefits of Kami

Since the majority of people in his class now use Kami, they can collaborate and share lectures across their group easily. All they do is access the PDFs in their Google Drive accounts. To top it all off, Kami provided a way for them to work on their lectures even when they’re offline, making Kami useful for when the internet connection is poor or when there’s no connection at all.

Kami Provides an Integrated Solution

With Kami, students and educators are not only able to sync notes on PDFs, but they are also able to annotate, edit, and combine PDFs of lectures should the need arise. $15 per year for Kami’s premium plan is worth it, as Kami provides integrated solutions for every dilemma both students and educators face when it comes to working with PDFs.

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