Kami Heros applications 2020
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Kami Heroes Applications 2020

Not all heroes wear capes… but Kami Heroes sure do! Our vibrant community of Kami educators is the champions of our mission here at Kami (and they genuinely do wear capes). 


What is the Kami Heroes program?

Launched in 2017 and rolling into our third year, the program has supported the creation of a thriving, passionate community of teachers who love using Kami. Kami Heroes are thought leaders who are enthusiastic about developing new practices for using Kami and help other educators be more successful in their work.

Kami Heroes are selected for a year-long term where they serve as ambassadors by representing Kami at school PD training, conferences, and other events across the country. 


Why should you consider becoming a Kami Hero?

The Kami Heroes program provides its members with a fun-loving and engaged peer group alongside continuous opportunities for professional growth and development, including:

  • Speaking opportunities to share your expertise and experiences at events like ISTE, FETC, summits, and more.
  • Be the first to try out new features and product enhancements, and provide feedback to the Kami team.
  • Get training by completing the Kami Fundamentals Course, through bi-monthly online workshops to meet the fellow Heroes, discuss product updates, or through our Customer Success team.
  • Upgrade your license to a Kami Teacher Plan (1 year) for free.
  • Advance as a thought leader by having your content shared through the Kami Blog and social media channels.
  • Connect with Heroes across the USA and beyond; Share teacher tips and tricks. 
  • Earn an exclusive Kami Hero badge and certificate to verify your membership.
  • A chance to win the Kami Hero of the Year Award (our very first one).
  • An exclusive swag package in the mail and high-priority for swag requests to giveaway at training sessions, and more!


So, what are we looking for from our Heroes?

  1. A deep understanding of Kami and the willingness to learn more. 
  2. An interest in accelerating your professional development.
  3. Active contribution to group discussions and shareable content.
  4. Educators who will advocate Kami on personal blogs, social media or professional networks.
  5. Actively represent Kami during school training, as well as edtech conferences. 
  6. Enthusiasm to share your Kami experience with the community and encourage new users to sign up for Kami trials. 
  7. Commitment for the full 12-month term starting January 2020.


How can you become a Kami Hero?

Applications for the Kami Heroes program are open from November 11 to December 15, 2019. Our application has three steps:

  1. Anyone who wants to apply should head to our website. The application is vital to showcase who you are as a Kami teacher and tell us why you want to be a Kami Hero.
  2. Standout applicants will receive online training with the new Kami Fundamentals Course, followed by a short quiz and form to confirm your program membership.
  3. If all is good, we will send you an official invite to become a Kami Hero for the term 2020-21.


We’re excited to hear from you! Apply now.

If you have any questions, please email us at community@kamiapp.com


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