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Kami Helps Students at Texas A&M University

In a Nutshell

“As a college student, I found myself reading many articles and books online. I wanted to annotate and write notes on the sidelines. The PDF program I was using did not allow me to make such changes. Thankfully, there is Kami. All my problems are now solved!
– Jaqueline Coronado, student, Texas A&M University

Challenge: Finding a PDF program that can enable students to do comment edits.

Solution: A PDF editor that enables text and graphic annotations to be done; Kami can also be linked to Google Drive.

Benefit: Many users find Kami to be extremely beneficial. Its features are comprehensive; yet, it is a breeze to use with its simplified interface. Annotating and making changes to PDF files is possible with Kami, which has become very helpful in doing schoolwork.

About the University

Texas A&M University was established in 1876 and was heralded as the premier public university of the state. At present, it has transformed into a university that is deeply involved in research. It is committed to leading by example in its every endeavor. It envisions itself as a university known worldwide to set high standards for learning. Knowledge and research will be combined to introduce innovations that will provide solutions to the pressing problems of the world today. It has extended its reach to several parts of the world such as Qatar, Mexico, and Costa Rica. It has produced several notable alumni that have made their mark in the world, such as former heads of state Jorge Quiroga and Martin Torrijos.

Academic and Technical Problems

Texas A&M University has concentrated its efforts to be able to provide high-caliber teaching methods to its students. As a research university, efforts will remain futile if they will not lead to opportunities for gaining new knowledge and making discoveries. This is done by maximizing the use of excellent references that are modern, to be updated with the changing times. Because of this, special tools must also be on hand to assist the students in doing all of the heavy tasks that are given to them. One of which is being able to manage and digest all the lectures and readings that are being utilized in the classroom.

Kami rises to the Challenge

Jaqueline Conrado, a student at Texas A&M University, has considered it a normal routine when having to deal with tons of online articles and reading materials. To facilitate learning, she wanted to annotate and write notes on the sidelines. However, the PDF program that she was currently using did not allow her to do this. She did intensive research on the Internet for a program that will enable her to highlight and write notes. She saw that Kami had these options in its description, so she decided to give it a try. She was pleasantly surprised to find that Kami is beneficial, accessible, and easy to use. Annotating and making changes to PDF files has never been so much simpler; she has not encountered any problems ever since she started using the program.

Kami has been such a great help in her studies that she has been using the program every day for all her tasks in school. The features that she commonly uses include viewing files, highlighting, and underlining information. Kami has contributed a lot to making her student life so much easier that she recommends the program to her classmates in school.

Why Using Kami is Beneficial for the Students

No other programs can compete with what Kami has been able to provide to its users. The other programs found online have designs and features that are only at par with the usual word editing programs.

Kami boasts of its simple interface that doesn’t require too much effort to learn. This makes it more accessible. Inserting comments at an exact point, in any location of the file, can be done in just a matter of minutes. Students can even do more than just insert comments. They can also insert shapes or do freehand drawing. It is also a great means to collaborate because of its ability to be connected to Google Drive. With this feature, it is possible to save and share files anytime and anywhere without posing an inconvenience to the user. Indeed, Kami does more than what it is required to do and has proven to be an essential companion for the students.

Maria Dublin
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