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Kami Helps Raritan Capital Make Great Long-Term Investments

“I love reading books. I have recently shifted to reading PDF files for my daily source of wisdom. Kami has helped me by providing me with a platform that is fluid and great for taking notes. Kami is awesome!”
– John Chen, Chief Investment Officer, Raritan Capital

Challenge: Finding a program that has functionalities that are needed in business such as taking notes at any point on a PDF slide, highlighting, and adding comments directly to the file. It should work well with any operating system and browser. It should also enable saving files in Google Drive.

Solution: Kami is a PDF editor where text and graphic annotations can be made using many devices. It can also be connected to Google Drive.

Benefits: Kami is a software that makes PDF editing tasks such as highlighting, commenting, and inserting text much easier because of its simple interface. The user can click anywhere and make a comment on an exact point in the file. Google drive connectivity enables access to files anytime, anywhere.

Business and Technical Challenge

Investment firms like the Raritan Capital have a big role to play in improving the lives of many people. They need to come up with the best strategies to maximize the value of the money entrusted to them by their clients. They need to ensure that the services they offer preserve the freedom of the client to make their financial decisions while enabling their money to grow to give them the highest yields possible. This is why it is important that their team is highly competent in analyzing the trends of the market and have a sharp eye for companies with high potential. The use of references that will equip them with the right knowledge and skill is highly needed. Most of these references are available in electronic format. In light of these, tools that will make the use of these references easier are in high demand.

Kami Rises Up to the Challenge

John Chen ensures that he receives his daily dose of wisdom to help him play the role of Chief Investment Officer and Managing Principal in Raritan Capital. He needed a fluid platform where he could take notes that are compatible with the Chrome internet browser. John describes Kami to be simple, enjoyable, and valuable to the user. It is packed with all of the features that he needs such as highlighting, adding text, and viewing scanned files using OCR. John uses Kami two to three times a week.

Why Kami is a Helpful Tool for Investment Firms

Raritan Capital aims to preserve the trust given to them by their clients. Placing investments in companies that are publicly traded entails a lot of research, analysis, and making sound financial decisions. The appropriate references need to be accessed and interpreted correctly. Tools that will make the process of decision-making more efficient are necessary. Kami serves as a handy tool for investment firms.

The interface of the application was designed to be simple, clean, and intuitive so that the user will not be overwhelmed in trying to learn how to use it. Note-taking can be done at any point of the PDF file. It also can be connected to Google drive, which makes collaboration possible. The team of an investment firm can consult with each other regarding certain information anytime and anywhere they are without any hassle.

Maria Dublin
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