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Kami for Chromebook Classrooms

Classrooms around the world have started to embrace technology with the increasing number of integrations and migrations to the cloud. Worth a mention is the number of schools using Chromebooks. Not only that it has been the most affordable option for educators but it has helped manage classrooms and brought impact to the way classes are organized. Watch the video below for more info about Chromebook integration at schools:

Kami for Chromebook Classrooms

And that is where Kami comes along. Kami is a fantastic and easy to use PDF tool for both inside and outside the classroom. Whether its making quick notes on presentation slides or highlighting key messages, Kami makes learning simpler through its easy to navigate user interface and its array of annotation tools.

Why classrooms should use Kami? Between the viewer, annotation tools, and collaboration features,Kami is the perfect companion in the classroom. It will not only make your revision easier, but also help with group projects and research through its clever tools.

In addition, Kami allows multiple users to work on one document, colour coding comments and additions, as well as allowing users to filter out individual input when they need to reduce the clutter of the document. By automatically synchronising user annotations across the document, Kami greatly reduces the stress of group projects in this manner by showing who gave what input and when, as well as allowing users to take a step back and see the overall feedback on articles or work.

*This post was updated September 8th, 2015 as a reflection of the companies rebranding.

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