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If you’re a regular Kami user, then you’ve seen the convenience and capabilities it brings to your workflows. We are now introducing Kami’s developer API, which allows you to leverage the viewing, annotation, and collaboration features of Kami and bring them to your users inside your app. Kami is the first embeddable viewer with offline support, realtime annotation, and high fidelity exports of the annotated documents.

The best document experience, now part of your app

With the Kami API, you can now get the great document viewing and collaboration experience of Kami, seamlessly integrated into your application. The Kami API supports a wide variety of file formats, and they are all beautifully rendered with our best-in-class text selection. Multiple users on your app can easily access the shared documents, allowing for real-time commenting when working on the files together at the same time. Users can use all of our powerful annotation tools (which you might already be familiar with in the Kami app itself) and our embeddable viewer can even work offline – we cache the loaded files and sync all of the changes made when you were on the go when your user next connects.

The API will soon also offer options to customize the logos and colors to match your app’s very own UI, along with which functionality is available to your users – we’re very responsive to the needs of our developers, so just let us know! 

How does it work?

Through a simple REST based API (documented at http://docs.kamiembeddingapi.apiary.io/ and with a sample app on github at https://github.com/KamiHQ/kamisample ), you can upload your documents to Kami’s secure storage, and then display the documents to your users. The viewer brings the advanced functionality of our original app, embedded into a customizable iframe within your application. We have additional APIs to allow you to list the uploaded documents, and to generate exports of the documents with the annotations embedded.

Our APIs are designed to be very simple and straightforward, so most integrations take less than a week.

Getting Started

Check out our full information at kamihq.com/api , and either fill out the form there or email us at developers@kamihq.com and we’ll get back to you with an evaluation key. Production plans start at $50 per month, and are flexible based on your needs.


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