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Kami Customers Save 50% on CloudReady Annual Licenses

With technology being used in classrooms more than ever, we see the unlimited potential that technology offers to education on a daily basis. Thanks to technology in the classroom, it opens a world of opportunities to students that they otherwise would not see. With many schools moving towards Chromebooks, integrating technology into lessons is easier than ever. That said, most of us have experienced first-hand how technology can also become a distraction in the classroom. In BYOD classrooms, the biggest challenge would be the range of devices of different ages and operating systems all trying to do the same thing in a collaborative environment.

Here at Kami we are always listening to our users, and constantly exploring new ways to help users address the challenges they face daily in their classrooms and offices. Like many of you, we’ve been enjoying the benefits of working with Chrome, the G-Suite and Chromebooks for a long time. If you’re one of the thousands of schools considering switching to Chromebooks, or have a deployment already in progress, but you still possess a number of other devices you don’t know what to do with, here’s an incredible offer we managed to get for you guys from the kind folks at Neverware!

Transform Your Computers to Chrome Devices with CloudReady

Schools love the speed, simplicity, and manageability of Chromebooks – and now there’s a way for you to get the Chromebook experience on the computers you already have.

Neverware’s CloudReady operating system is built on the same technology foundation as Chromebooks and Chrome OS. It’s built to run on almost any computer from the last 10 years, turning them into fast, secure Chrome devices that you can manage right alongside Chromebooks in the Google Admin console.

When your classroom devices have all the power of a Chromebook, the opportunities of what you can achieve are endless. Neverware allows you to seamlessly use apps, like Kami, in the classroom, no matter what the device.

Dust off your old computers and expand student device access. Take advantage of Neverware’s special rate for Kami customers today: Save 50%* on 30 CloudReady Annual licenses!

Contact the Neverware team now to request a quote, or click here to request a free trial of CloudReady.

* Offer is only valid for new CloudReady customers.

This post is in partnership with Neverware.