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Kami Assists the Colorado State University Train Future Veterinarians

“What I like most about Kami is that it is reliable, organized and bright. It works efficiently and is so easy to use. I enjoy every moment that I use it. Thank you so much Kami!”
– Natalia Gil, Veterinary Student, Colorado State University

Challenge: Finding a program that has functionalities that are needed in class such as taking notes at any point on a PDF slide, highlighting, and adding comments directly on the file. The program should be compatible with many devices such as the Chromebook. It should also enable saving files to Google Drive.

Solution: Kami is a PDF editor where text and graphic annotations can be made using many devices such as the Chromebook. It can also be synced to Google Drive.

Benefits: Kami is a software that makes PDF editing tasks such as highlighting, commenting, and inserting text much easier because of its simple interface. The user can click anywhere and make a comment on an exact point in the file. Google Drive connectivity enables access to files anytime, anywhere.

About the University

The Colorado State University is one of the country’s premier public research universities situated in Fort Collins, Colorado. Its research, known worldwide, tackles global and local issues on environmental science, atmospheric science, infectious diseases, and green technologies. Research conducted in the university has contributed significantly to the world, such that the school attracts huge amounts of funding for research every year. It is considered the top university choice for most Colorado residents who are pursuing science, math, and technology courses. Its degree programs in occupational therapy, construction, journalism, and veterinary medicine place high in the nation’s rankings for universities. Its faculty and staff ensure that they foster a rewarding and fulfilling learning environment by challenging the students intellectually and by providing actual experience through fieldwork and in the laboratories.

Academic and Technical Challenge

To be able to maintain its reputation as a leading public research university, Colorado State University makes it a point to utilize references that are comprehensive and up-to-date. The university strives to protect the environment through its research works and teaching practices. This led to its initiative in reducing the use of paper in the classroom. A lot of teaching materials are available in electronic format. As a result, applications that enable the use of electronic references to become simpler and more efficient must also be available to enhance the students’ learning experience.

Kami Rises to the Challenge

Natalia Gil is a first-year veterinary student at Colorado State University. She needed an application that will let her edit, annotate, and save her files in Google Drive so that using tons of paper will no longer be necessary. She also needed the application to be compatible with her Asus Chromebook. She searched for a note-taking application over the internet and found Kami. She finds Kami to be reliable, organized, and bright. Because of Kami’s simple interface, working through her files has become very simple and efficient.
Ever since she started using Kami, she has been using the application every day to accomplish the requirements for her classes. The features that she commonly uses are highlighting, underlining, drawing shapes, drawing in freehand, adding text, and saving the files on her hard drive. Veterinary studies involve reading a substantial amount of content and taking notes. With Kami, tedious tasks like these have become much more bearable.

Why Kami is a Very Handy Tool for Veterinary Students

Being a veterinary student can become very tiring because of the huge amount of information that a person needs to digest every single day. Let’s face it, when it comes to saving the lives of animals, a lot of studying and training is required. In light of the drastic effects of global warming today, schools are being encouraged to do their part in saving the environment by running paperless in the classroom and encouraging digital learning. It is a good thing that a program like Kami exists to facilitate the simpler use of PDF files.

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