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Kami Aids Teachers in Submitting Grades

“Great PDF noter. I would recommend Kami for those that need a free and stable way to draw on PDFs.”
–Mary Camacho, Math Teacher, Inspire Charter Schools

Challenge: A tool to use in grading assignments in PDF file format submitted by students

Solution: Kami

Benefits: Efficient grading system, faster file processing, and free application

User Background

Ms. Mary Camacho is a math teacher at the Inspire Charter Schools (Inspire). Inspire has six offices around California, USA. Inspire offers two learning platforms: a K12 curriculum that provides online and offline activities and a 100% web-based curriculum called Odysseyware.

Ms. Camacho has been teaching at Inspire since its first year of operation. She graduated from the University of California Riverside (UCR) in 2009 and earned a degree in bachelor of science in pure mathematics. Currently, the classes she teaches at Inspire are Math Foundation I and II, Introductory Algebra, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Pre-calculus, Math of Personal Finance, Liberal Arts Math, Integrated Math III, Financial Literacy, and AP Statistics. She believes in the importance of securing a bright future for children. In this pursuit, she advocates for the study of science, technology, engineering, and math subjects.

Teaching and Technical Challenge

Inspire is an educational institution that is committed to establishing a challenging and academic learning environment for its students. Through its innovative sets of curricula, Inspire incorporates technological developments into their learning process. Online workshops are among the support extended by the teachers at Inspire.

As a math teacher at Inspire, Ms. Camacho employs innovative teaching strategies. For instance, she posts videos on her page on the school’s official website. She also requires her
students to submit assignments in the PDF file format. This is where Ms. Camacho encountered challenges. To make checking the assignments easier, she decided that she needs to
download an application. However, she could not afford the full version of Adobe Acrobat, alongside many others needing to work with PDFs. She tried another application, but it was unsatisfactory as file processing continuously slowed Inspire Charter Schoolsdown as she wrote more on her PDF files.  Because of this, Ms. Camacho researched other applications and found Kami.

The Solution

After learning about Kami, Ms. Camacho tried using it in checking the PDF assignments submitted by her students. She was pleased to learn that Kami was a free alternative for accessing PDF files. She did not encounter the issues that she previously had with the other PDF applications. Unlike the other PDF application, Kami has a faster file processing system, regardless of how many objects are drawn on the PDF file.

Ms. Camacho uses Kami to add texts and hand drawings on the PDF files. Another feature that she uses is the “Save to Drive” option. What makes Kami efficient is that it saves annotations, in real time. Kami takes efficiency to a new level through the Google Drive saving option. Kami values the users’ files as well as the users’ freedom in file management.


Ms. Camacho considers Kami as a great tool. In fact, she would recommend it to her colleagues and to everyone who needs a stable and free PDF reader. A benefit gained, by Ms. Camacho, from the use of Kami is in having an efficient and stable tool for grading her students’ assignments. Also, it accorded her control in PDF annotation and freedom in file management. Most importantly, the features that the free version of Kami offers is far more useful than that of paid versions of other PDF applications. Ms. Camacho noted that Kami’s free version was at par with the expensive, full version of Adobe.

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