Is 1:1 Working in the Classroom?

While your students possess different learning styles, they all go through the three stages of learning: receiving the information; digesting it; and recalling it, if necessary, in the future.

As a director of instruction, you are also aware of your students’ learning pace. Some learn best when reading from textbooks, while some process information faster when provided with hands-on instruction. There will always be students whose learning pace is slower compared to others. As an instructor, it’s your job to incorporate flexible teaching methods to help those who are lagging behind.

Using Technology inside the Classroom

In the past, students read from textbooks, answered examinations in test papers, and completed assignments in notebooks. While this traditional way of teaching and learning is still helpful, it’s now slowly becoming obsolete, and for good reason.

Advancement and innovation in technology have already penetrated the field of education, bringing instructional technology to classrooms. One-to-one classrooms have grown increasingly popular in the last couple of years and have revolutionized the way both teachers and students learn.

Through the 1:1 learning scheme, students are encouraged to be a partner in learning, rather than just a passive consumer of information. These classrooms have provided a more fun, constructive, and innovative learning environment for students.

Benefits of 1:1 Classroom Environment

Technology-based learning has its benefits for both the instructors and learners. While it can be hard to measure how effective it is, we can all agree that its benefits are rewarding.

Students are more engaged and motivated

Traditional tests are administered by teachers through giving out test papers students must answer. With 1:1 classrooms, teachers can create a quiz online that will run similar to that of a TV game show. As a result, students will be more motivated to study as the way the exams are presented is fun and exciting.

Students can learn at his/her own pace

In a traditional classroom, the teacher is the main resource of information, other than textbooks. On the other hand, technology-based learning allows students to do their own research on the internet and get unlimited information from different sources.

Students are getting trained and prepared for the real world

Since students study full-time with the help of their laptops, many skills are honed in the learning process. They learn how to navigate the internet effectively. They also get to improve their typing skills. They get familiar with web-based programs and how to operate them. All these skills help them in becoming well-rounded and competitive individuals and prepare them for professional lives after school.

A 1:1 learning environment is worth it

1:1 classrooms provide the ultimate environment both teachers and students can benefit from. The world is headed to individualized learning, and 1:1 classrooms are only the beginning. Indeed, there’s more innovation to come.

As a teacher, it is your duty to make sure that your students get the most out of the 1:1 learning arrangement. After all, it is only fitting for them to learn from a digital environment that will equip them enough for the real world.

Maria Dublin
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Maria is a writer, an editor, and a law student. She plays for the Philippine national touch football team, and does a lot of travelling during the holidays.