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Introducing the Updated Tool Bar

Today, we are excited to announce our new and improved toolbar. A major project that we have been working on in the last two months.

We would like to thank our users who provided us with valuable feedback that helped improve the new toolbar’s UX/UI design.

The philosophy behind the refresh is to make the Kami toolbar more intuitive for both new and old users, making discovery and functionality work hand-in-hand. Moreover, one of the fundamental changes to the aesthetic is the contrasting colors and updated icons. The new layout also enables touch screen users with better access requiring fewer clicks and lesser actions.

Below is an outline of the changes

1. Colors – Light and Dark Theme

The Light Theme version of the toolbar features a solid dark grey  background matched with an accent of pink to highlight a selection. While the Dark Theme version has a textured black background with amber accent. To know more on how to switch color themes on Kami, click here.

2. Tooltips and How to Show Tool Name

In the new toolbar, the tool name is hidden by default. You can find out what a tool’s name is by hovering over the icon to show the tooltip (small information box that shows up when you hover on an icon).

You can, however, show the tool’s name by clicking on the >> icon found at the bottom of the toolbar and clicking << would hide the tool name again.

3. Tool Options

Previously, you can change the configuration of the tools at the bottom of the toolbar. With the new design, it now slides out on the right side of the toolbar.

4. Selecting Color and Color Palette

Selecting colors for adding text, highlight, etc is also updated. After clicking the tool icon, a color selection will appear beside it. To make it easier, there are three featured colors shown in the options. They are the recent colors you have used. To show the rest of your Color Palette, hover on the color icon and it will show all your default nine colors.
If you want to change your Color Palette, click on the Palette Icon found below the Color Icons. A pop up with color selection will show up.

5. Smaller Stroke Sizes

One of the most popular requests is having more stroke sizes. So we added smaller pixel values on  Drawing and Shapes featuring 0.5, 0.2,5 and 0.1 pixels thick.

6. Text to Speech Configurations

Configuration options are available in Text to Speech. You can change the accent and the speed on how your text is read. Previously, this configuration is difficult to find in the Settings page. But with the new toolbar, you can easily tweak your configurations right after clicking the Text to Speech icon.

Overall, this summarizes the major changes with the new Kami toolbar. Once again, big thanks to everyone who helped us with all your feedback during the process. We hope this redesign will improve how our millions of users are using Kami.

These changes will be rolling out to everyone over the coming weeks. If you’d like to get early access, you can contact us at support@kamihq.com or over our in-app support and we can enable it for you immediately.


Tell us what you think of the new toolbar by leaving a comment below. We would like to know your thoughts on the redesign. Thank you!

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