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Introducing The New Rich Text Editor (Text Box Tool)

* Updated 20 February 2019*

Rich Text Editor is now available to all paid users. Here are instructions on how to activate the feature:

  • Access the settings page in Kami Web version here
  • Scroll down to Beta Features > Feature Name > Old Text
  • Under ‘Old Text’ click ‘Off’ to activate Rich Text Editor or ‘On’ to use the continue using the old version.

  • Refresh your page in Kami to see the changes. If you’re encountering any issues, please email support@kamiapp.com.


August 24, 2018

We are beyond excited to announce the beta release of our new Rich Text Editor, a tool that will transform the way that you work with Kami. Anyone who has used the Text Box (previously called ‘Add Text’) in Kami will understand its power as well as its restrictions. For quite some time, we have been working to make it far more intuitive, resulting in a seamless Kami experience. The Rich Text Editor is a tool that lets you format your text as if you were working on a document in Google Docs or Microsoft Office, giving you far more options than our previous Add Text tool.

With the Kami’s new Rich Text Editor, you can

Change text font and size, or use bold and italicised text:

Strikethrough, underline, highlight, or change the color of added text:

Add subscripts and superscripts:

Create numbered and bulleted lists:

Center, align, and hyperlink text:

Add formulas, or do voice typing:

And a team favorite—add emojis! That’s right, EMOJIS.



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