Innovation in Education: The World’s Most Innovative Schools

Technology has become unstoppable. Because of this, we have witnessed an amazing array of innovation in a variety of fields in the past years, including education.

13 Most Innovative Schools in the World

Here are thirteen schools around the world that showcase “innovation” in their own amazing ways.

Ørestad Gymnasium – Copenhagen, Denmark

It’s called a gymnasium, but it is a huge classroom shaped like a glass cube with around 1100 students in high school. Students learn in an open environment and not inside the four corners of the classroom. There are spacious drums, movable walls, and bookshelves inside the cube to provide students with a learning environment that will help them be motivated to explore and discover things on their own.

Big Picture Learning – Providence, Rhode Island

Depending on the field of work students wish to enter after school, they will learn from a mentor who is currently working in that field. K12 students are required to complete Learning Through Internship or LTI, a course tailored to their specific interest, whether it is taking care of the sick or flying an airplane.

Sra Pou Vocational School – Sra Pou village, Cambodia

This school welcomes learners of all ages. They are taught a curriculum that helps them become full-fledged business owners in the future. They learn how to manufacture homemade goods and how to market them. The school construction was led by Rudanko + Kankkunen with the local community members as the laborers.

Makoko Floating School – Lagos, Nigeria

This floating school has a capacity of around 100 students of all ages. It stands about three stories high, and its size is 1000 square feet. It has a play area, classrooms, and even compost pits.

Steve Jobs School – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Students in this school have their own Individual Development Plan (IDP) tailored to their specific needs. Every six weeks, the IDP is revisited by the student with the guidance of his or her parents and the coach. The student is then presented with a set of learning instructions and challenges to study next. Those who are in the 4th- to 12th-grade school are given an iPad with apps to help them with individualized learning.

Egalia Pre-school – Stockholm, Sweden

“He” or “she” are gender-based pronouns you will never hear in this school. Instead, learners are referred to as “they” or by their first names to encourage them to look at their other classmates as equals and to avoid discrimination based on stereotypes. They are taught to judge each other based on their actions.

Samaschool – San Francisco, California

Students are adults who have difficulty finding employment. They are given courses that will hone their entrepreneurial and digital skills to help them land a better-paying job. They have two options: a 20- to 30-hour online course or an 80-hour course in a span of 10 weeks.

P-TECH High School – Brooklyn, New York

Launched in 2011, this school is where students can take a six-year degree to complete high school and earn an associate’s degree in the New York City College of Technology. It is the students’ choice to pursue a bachelor’s degree afterward or not.

AltSchool – San Francisco, California

This school, established in 2013, has learners from 4 to 14 years old. Students are given advanced lessons on technology, and they deal with 3D modeling and circuit boards on a daily basis.

Brightworks School – San Francisco, California

Part of the learners’ curriculum are things deemed as dangerous by their parents, which they are advised not to do. So, it is normal for you to see K to 12 students here play with fire and deal with home appliances while completing their normal projects within a day. The school has a huge and expansive warehouse complete with all the tools needed to help children be creative.

Blue School – New York, New York

Founded by the Blue Man Group in 2006, the school helps students learn from real-world problems using their creativity. Grade 2 to 8 learners are in a curriculum where they can explore how to fix faulty home appliances or improve ways of recycling materials. They can also make 3D models of the city, all with the guidance of teachers.

Carpe Diem Schools – Aiken, Ohio

You might think it’s an office rather than a school, but it’s the way the school was designed. There are 300 cubicles inside the Learning Center, where each learner is given a cubicle with a computer to facilitate online learning.

Innova Schools – Peru

Learners in this school spend half of their day studying through traditional instruction. They immerse themselves in online education during the remaining half.

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