Important Questions to Ask Sellers at ISTE 2015

Now that the world’s biggest meet-and-greet educational technology conference is well underway,it is important to make the most of the remaining time.

For several decades, the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference & Expo has been a forum for learning, exchanging ideas, and surveying the field of education technology. More than 18,000 attendees, industry representatives, educators, technology coordinators, library media specialists, and policy makers gather at this prestigious event to listen to keynotes and sessions and participate in various workshops. Aside from this, more than 500 companies exhibit their products geared towards improving education through technology.

However, the ISTE Conference & Expo only lasts for four days. That is not long enough to cover everything at the conference. To easily determine the products that your classroom or school needs, here are a few important questions you can ask sellers and exhibitors.

Who is the company?

Getting to know the company who is offering the product is a good start. A good EdTech product is most often created by individuals who have a passion for learning. If the mission and vision of the company that offers the product is in line with using and improving learning through technology, then check them on your list. Also, ask for a demo wherever possible.

Who can use the product?

Some products are meant for teachers only; others can be used even by students. Determine who can access the product. If it is limited to educators only, ask yourself if your faculty needs it. You can even ask them about it before the conference ends.

What are the strategies to effectively implement their product in the classroom?

The exhibitors and sellers at the ISTE Conference & Expo will be promoting a lot of products. Before jumping on reserving for a product that is amazing, determine the proven strategies on how to make it effective in the classroom. Companies do their research before they release their products in the market. Surely, they know how to take advantage of the product to achieve its full potential.

Where can teachers and students use their product?

Learning can take place anywhere. For Generation Z students, they may learn in school but they will also learn when they are with their friends while walking home, or while at a party. So, where can this EdTech product be used? If it can be used even outside the four walls of the classroom, then it is perfect for experiential learning. A teacher can make use of it by letting students do task beyond the classroom, and integrate their experiences during class hours.

Where is the product available?

Of course, how can you buy the product if you do not know where it can be purchased? Know the location of the company, and whether they offer free delivery or you have to pick it up at their office.

When do you have to pay for the product?

You are going to buy several products at the ISTE Conference & Expo. You cannot pay for all of them in full instantly. Hence, you have to inquire if there are staggered payment terms available before you commit to purchasing a particular product.

Why does your classroom need the product?

Sometimes, even when you already know the answer or even when you already know that you need the product in your classroom, it is still necessary to ask the question from the manufacturer. Remember, their perception of things might be different from yours. Moreover, asking them this question will make you understand how useful the product is.

How will it transform learning in the classroom?

Education Technology is supposed to make learning interesting. Knowing how exactly that will happen is a question you should ask the company. Learn about the features of the product, the techniques to use it, and gage how effective the product can help solve your problems in the classroom.

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