How Useful are Document Viewing and Editing Apps

Documents are thought of synonymously with papers. This is because documents have been printed on paper for years. With modern electronic technology, handling and managing documents have reached a new milestone. While a minority of individuals continue to cling to their beloved papers, those who have been using document management apps and software have immensely benefited from the technology.

But are these apps really useful or a mere luxury disguised as useful by their creators? To highlight what document management apps and software can do for the modern man, here are some of their features:

Intelligent Organization

Be it the office or personal desks at home, documents get misplaced; nothing is more annoying and counterproductive than that. Thankfully, document management apps provide a means of organizing documents to ensure that you know where to look for them when you need them. Document management apps allow users to create folders and subfolders to better organize files. This is a more efficient and less expensive way of managing documents than the common file cabinets and boxes. Plus, a single document can be easily placed in several different folders when needed, compared to making several hard copies to be filed under different references.

Efficient Storage and Access

Document management apps give users flexibility in viewing or editing their documents. Unlike with bulky books and papers, these apps make documents portable, accessible, and available, wherever and whenever they are required. Some apps also make use of cloud spaces to save the documents. For instance, files viewed or edited using Kami are automatically saved on its cloud. This feature ensures that documents are securely stored and easily accessible using any browser or gadget. Kami also provides an option to share the document with a collaborator and to save it directly to a user’s Google Drive.

Quick File Retrieval

There is no need to spend hours looking in filing cabinets for a misplaced document. Through the apps’ search feature, retrieving a file is easy. A user simply types the file name or any keyword and poof, there is the document. This contributes a lot to your productivity as no time is wasted.

File Collaboration

One powerful innovation that comes with using document management apps is the ability to collaborate. Even though not physically together, several users may edit and view a document. This resolves issues where projects and works are delayed because a team member is unavailable to meet with the others. Plus, there are apps such as Kami that enable real-time collaboration and allow other collaborators to see the revisions made by their teammates. With this feature, each person’s results can be monitored, and excuses that deter project progress are eliminated.

Control of Formats and Versions

Document management apps allow a user to access files in different formats and versions. For example, the apps enable users to view and edit a Word file and save it as a PDF file. This feature offers flexibility and control in file management, which can help improve productivity and efficiency in works with numerous team members.

Do you still have doubts as to the usefulness of document management apps? They are definitely powerful productivity tools and smart investments.

Maria Dublin
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Maria is a writer, an editor, and a law student. She plays for the Philippine national touch football team, and does a lot of travelling during the holidays.