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How to Use Social Media Properly

We’ve all been told that employers and recruiters nowadays check your social media accounts to get a glimpse of your world and get a general idea of what kind of person you are. Whatever you put on your social media accounts reflects on you, so it’s important that you know how to use them properly and responsibly. Make sure that your social media accounts put you in a positive light by following some of these tips.

Do not post photos or videos that can damage your reputation

So, you went to this crazy party last night with your friends and had too much fun and way too much to drink, as all your Facebook photos clearly illustrate. You might want to take those photos down of you chugging beer in a half-naked state. This does not make you look good, even if it’s a party and you’re allowed to have a good time. When employers see these photos, they will only see a person who parties too hard and who can get pretty out of hand. Any photo or video that does not make you look responsible and mature should be taken down or deleted.

Do not trash-talk other people

Your mean tweets about other people also do not earn you any good points. You come off as petty, malicious, mean, and aggressive. Nobody wants to hire someone or work with someone with such awful traits. If you have a problem with someone, don’t use social media to bash and shame him or her. It only succeeds in making you look small and insignificant.

Do not post personal information

You don’t have to post photos of your house that show its complete layout. You don’t need to post photos that contain sensitive personal information, like your driver’s license information, your social security number, your passwords, or your credit card numbers. This is highly sensitive information that can be used by online criminals to steal your identity, commit fraud under your name, or even break into your home.

Do not be too specific in your social check-ins

If you must check in, make sure that you have already left the place or that you’re with your friends or your family. If somebody is stalking you or wants to do you harm, you have just made that person’s life a lot easier by giving him or her your exact location. Don’t check in if it’s not important.

Do not post when angry

Do not post anything on your Twitter or Facebook account when you’re feeling intense negative emotions. Many people are guilty of doing this when they’re pissed off at someone or when they’re just having a really crappy day. It’s passive aggressive behavior, and nothing really gets resolved by airing out your frustrations on social media. If anything, it makes you look desperate for attention.

Think before you post

Before you comment or tweet something, think about the repercussions. Will it offend anybody? Do you have your facts correct? Does it make you look petty and argumentative? What do you want to accomplish by posting something like this? Something that sounded good a while ago can sound foolish and irresponsible after careful deliberation, so think a hundred times before posting.

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