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How to Use Kami for Math

Stuck on finding ways to improve or freshen up your Math classroom?

Using digital tools to solve equations prove to be a little tricky at times, especially if you need to incorporate symbols and shapes into your worksheets. To help you get started, we created a video tutorial to show you how Kami tools can be applied in the classroom. Teachers, if you’re looking for new ways to get your students engaged using technology in math, watch our tutorial video below to explore the possibilities.



 Getting To Know Your Kami Tools 💡💻


Text Box: Rich Text Editor

Out with the old and in with the new. Our Rich Text Editor is the latest update to the Text Box tool (previously called ‘Add Text’ tool) found on the Kami toolbar. Rich Text Editor offers a variety of controls to help with editing, like choosing your own font, adding hyperlinks, and using voice typing. Plus, the built-in Equation Tool is there to help with multi-line equation support for algebra, along with other equation symbols found in the Equation Tool.

Where to find it: Text Box has a ‘T’ icon, located under the Comment Tool. Learn more about the Rich Text Editor here.



Equation Tool

An essential for Math and Science classrooms, the Equation Tool will help you write mathematical equations and develop your student’s digital learning experience. For personalisation or preference, you will also have the ability to change the font size and text color for a more readable display.

Where to find it: Equation Tool has the division symbol, located under the Text Box tool.



Drawing Tool

A classroom favorite and popular for sketch noting, the Drawing tool gives you the ability to write your answers or feedback. Try the Drawing Tool if you want to add some creativity to your work and incorporate colors, shapes and lines. Use it with a stylus and experience precise touch screen capabilities!

Where to find it: The Drawing Tool has a paintbrush icon, located under the Equation Tool.



Shapes Tool: Insert Line

The Shapes Tool is handy when working with graphs and grids. Solving systems of linear equations is a great example of how this tool can benefit your type of classwork. In the Kami toolbar, look for the Shapes Tool (circle and square icon) and select ‘Insert Line’ to get you started.

Where to find it: Shapes Tool has a circle/square shape icon, located under the Drawing Tool.



Comment Tool: Screen Capture

The Screen Capture tool lets you record instructional videos for students directly from your screen.  You can also toggle audio for these comments which allows you to talk through Math problems, demonstrate how to attempt a calculation or break down an incorrect answer a student has attempted. This tool may help their understanding of where things went wrong. Install the Kami Screen Capture tool extension here.

Where to find it: Comment Tool has a comment icon, located above the Text Box.



Add Blank Page

Teachers can start with a New Blank Page or add a new page for an infinite canvas.  You can use this page to demonstrate example equations or have the students use this as a spare page for solving problems.


Where to find it: Choosing the option to open a ‘New Blank Page’ when you open Kami or at the bottom of the page, click the (+) button to ‘Add More Pages’.

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