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How to Survive your First Day on the Job

The day you have been waiting for is finally here: your first day on the job. It’s okay to feel scared and excited in equal measure. Nobody enjoys being the new kid, but we all will have to go through it sooner or later. Here are a few tips to help you survive your first day on the job. Good luck!

Get to the office early

You should be able to figure out the quickest way to get to the office and take that route on your first day of work. Give yourself some time to catch your breath, retouch your makeup, straighten your clothes, and find your new office desk. This will also allow you to make new friends even before the work day has officially started.

Dress the part

During the interview, you should have been able to see how people at the office dress. Dress to impress, but don’t overdress. Dress appropriately without showing too much skin. Ditch the jeans and the hoodies for now. Try to keep the colors down to the basics and then wear a little bit of your style as the weeks go by.

Do your homework

Read up again on the company’s mission and vision, the clients, and the latest news about the company. Know something more about your bosses. Avoid awkward situations like taking the elevator with one of the company directors and failing to address or greet him or her properly because you have no idea who he or she is.

Manage your expectations

This new office will not be the same as your last. There will be new people to work with, new personalities, and a new work culture. Don’t expect things to be exactly the same.

Instead, welcome this change and look at it as an opportunity to start over. Bring all the good and positive things that you learned from your previous office, and leave behind the not-so-good ones.

Have a pen and notebook ready

This will help you take note of important names, dates, times, and other things that you need to remember for later. There will be information overload on the first few days as you get oriented with different people and their roles, so it will be better to get everything down first and then review and research them later.

When in doubt, ask

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s better to speak up and do it correctly the first time than not to say anything and look utterly incompetent later. Your first day at work sets a precedent, so make sure that you clarify things that are confusing to you. Like the saying goes, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Be friendly and approachable

Your first day at a new job can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. We’ve all been there. Sometimes, you wish that the first week would just be over soon so you could really move on and start the real work, but your new co-workers need not know that. What they need to see is someone who can be a great addition to their team and someone they can get along with. Always show a confident and friendly front, and try to make as many new friends as possible. Keep your aura light and positive.

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