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How to Organize your Workspace to Improve Workflow

Your work desk serves as your command center. To be able to operate efficiently and productively, you must know where to locate something when you need it. Your work desk should have everything you need within reach but still allow you plenty of space to work and be creative. Here are a few things you must remember to make your work desk a place of creativity and productivity.

Keep only the essentials on top of your desk. Ideally, you should only have five of the most important items on your desk: computer monitor, keyboard and mouse, telephone, file organizer, and pen holder. Things that you use on a daily basis for the entire day should be on your desk. Those that you use often but not all the time can go inside your drawer, just underneath or beside your desk.

It’s important that you have the essential things within reach because every time you stand up or reach out for something, it disrupts your trail of thought or breaks your concentration.

Organize the contents of your drawer

Just because your things are inside the drawer where no one can see them doesn’t mean you can leave them all messy and disorganized. Keep your office supplies, such as pens, post-its, paper clips, and staples, organized by using trays or jewelry organizers. This way, each item will have its own compartment that not only looks nice, but also makes everything easier to access and find.

Keep personal artifacts at a minimum

You should make your workspace warm and inviting, a place where you feel the happiest and the most relaxed so that you will be inspired to do more and to do things better. However, too many personal mementos lining up your work desk can sometimes be a cause for distraction. Instead of concentrating on your weekly report, your eyes keep landing on that framed photo of you swimming with the dolphins or to that office warming gift you can’t stand.

Make room for your white space

You need this small space, even one as small as an A4 size paper, to do things that do not involve the computer or the telephone. Here, you can write in your notebook, sign papers, read documents, and just work on anything that must be done offline. Keep this space always clutter-free for ease of use.

Observe cleanliness

A messy desk can cause you to lose precious minutes, even hours, out of your busy work days. The state of your desk can affect the level of your productivity. The messier your desk is, the less productive you are, which is exactly the impression that you don’t want your bosses and colleagues to have about you.

If it is not related to your work, don’t leave it on your desk. If it looks great on your desk, but it is not something that you will be using a lot, you can, instead, put it on that shelf or corner table.

Most importantly, don’t go home and leave your desk in a state of disarray. Always clean the surface of your desk with a dust cloth or even tissue paper. Keep everything in their proper places. Throw all trash in the trash bin, and never leave food items behind. Do this at the end of each work day so that you will always look forward to a nice and clean work desk every morning.

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