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How to Increase Sales with Time Management

As the saying goes, “Time management is the key to success,” which is why an ineffective use of time as a real estate agent can be very tragic. Not only will they have few tasks accomplished, but their sales and career goals may also be compromised.

By taking control of their time, real estate agents can stay focused, become more efficient, and will never feel burned out. Hence, meeting with clients, marketing, following up, telemarketing, doing house presentations, and more will never feel too much of a workload, but it will be something that promises a more successful career and life.

Here are tips on how to build positive time management habits:


Faced with so many tasks at hand, scheduling and planning your activities on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis will reduce stress levels and maximize your effectiveness. How? Spending at least five to ten minutes writing down your to-do-list and categorizing them according to four quadrants of time management, which are (1) important and urgent, (2) important but not urgent, (3) not important but urgent, and (4) not important and not urgent, is the best way to do so. Obviously, your highest priority should be quadrants one and two.

Quadrant one are things that should never be ignored. They are activities with hard deadlines to beat. It is best to accomplish them in the first few hours of your working day; however, not too much time should be spent on these because you will otherwise burn yourself out with a neverending battle of crisis management.

Quadrant two, however, is where you should spend most of your time. It is called the “preventive stage.” Taking action on important things that are not yet urgent helps eliminate the hassle of crisis situations. Examples of these are maintaining an updated database for clients and other connections, telemarketing, follow ups with serious buyers, and more.

Quadrant three represents your daily interruptions, such as new emails, phones that ring while you are doing house presentations, having past clients try to meet up with you, or feeling the need to respond right away to your messages. Often, you mistake all these as urgent things, but they are not. Shifting your focus on these matters will not help you achieve your goals.

The fourth quadrant is your “time wasters.” Playing video games, watching too much news or TV, etc. are things that you should eliminate as much as possible because time spent on them can be invested in quadrants one and two instead.

Schedule Time for Each Task

Scheduling your tasks should always be realistic. Write down how long you expect to finish each of them, but do not forget to give enough time for each task. For instance, if you need to meet up with a client for an hour to view a property, it should include travel and extra time for upselling and building rapport with the client. Adding additional small tasks to the bigger task will help you plan your activities with accuracy.

Give Time for Contingencies

As a real estate agent, you will always be faced with unpredictable interruptions that can eat up your time. Leaving an open time for your daily schedule gives you the leeway and flexibility to reorganize your schedule as you respond to erratic tasks that may arise.

In the challenge that everyone is given the same amount of limited time every day, it is essential to make the most out of it. Making it a habit to check and recheck your schedule every so often will help you review the things to be done, add new schedules or eliminate old tasks, and take positive control of your day ahead.

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A writer, blogger, and an artist who always sees the beauty in everything.