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How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page

Users of LinkedIn are pretty much already familiar with profiling basics: what to write, what to show, how to express oneself, etc. While a company page is essentially another type of LinkedIn profile page, there are a few critical differences, which will be pointed out in these few short instructions on creating your LinkedIn Company page.

Fulfill the company page requirements

This, of course, needs, first and foremost, your personal LinkedIn profile, which is presumed to be at least well-rated already and has several connections. Also, do not forget that the profile must be named with your real name. Most of the other more specific requirements are already provided via official links, so you just need to complete them one by one before starting to design and edit your company page.

Carefully check your choice of keywords

Relevance is the most common factor considered in keyword-optimizing a company page. Don’t forget, however, to stay up-to-date. The company profile must at least introduce itself as a business entity that is already familiar and experienced with new and fresh ideas recently introduced. By combining relevance and up-to-date info for your SEO, you will achieve the baseline minimum requirement to formally introduce the new company to the social network.

Set up a Showcase Page

Next, you need to show what this new company has in store. While the main page itself can already give visitors a good idea of what you can offer, giving them first-hand experience is still better and more immersive. Access the Showcase Page option by selecting Create a Showcase Page under the Edit tab. LinkedIn currently allows a maximum of ten Showcase Pages for your company page, so be sure to showcase whatever you can.

Content is king

LinkedIn may be business-oriented, but it still largely functions as a social network. Building content to update what is recently up in your company can not only help drive traffic but interest from other users as well. Think about this. You create a great post that is related to your company’s services. People might get inspired or impressed enough that they will introduce the company to other people who might need its services even more.

Edit your profile with your company profile

This may obviously sound like the next thing you need after setting up the page. However, even if your profile is already professionally edited and optimized, you still need to make a few last retouches to make that official association with the company you have created. Again, this may sound obvious, but your personal page will indirectly reflect the overall impression people have of your company page.

Connect the page to other social media

Finally, get outside the social network. Being found inside LinkedIn is cool and all, but becoming introduced to other social networks may give your company new horizons to reach. How do you do this? One suggestion is to use a ‘follow us’ button, but the most common method is to simply create relevant links. These links help build outside contact with the larger web, making it even easier for other LinkedIn users to find your company or at least improve its overall reputation.

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