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How Reverse Psychology Can Help Land Sales

Reverse psychology is nothing new in sales. Clients always know the drill when it comes to sales. They know that the real estate agent will do everything to win their “yes.” And, probably, over the years, they have grown sceptical about sales people, making them harder to convince.

It is human nature to resist suggestion as people never want to be manipulated. For instance, telling the customer they cannot buy a property in Malibu because they cannot afford it makes them even more eager to buy one, just to prove you wrong. This is a natural habit; it is the same thing as when you tell a person not to smoke, and he will puff on one right in front of you and probably say, “Screw you!”

How does reverse psychology come into the picture? Here are tips on how to use reverse psychology in your sales pitch:

Give them Newsflash

Safety is probably the first thing that your client would want in a real estate property. By using all the news data you have gathered over time, such as the criminality rates from your local police department, can help you to direct your client into buying a certain property. For instance, if you are selling a property in the east of New York City, you can say that the criminal rate in the “west” has increased dramatically, so they will be more inclined to buy properties in the east. The truth is that they will buy this property even if it is far from their workplace or if transportation is inconvenient for them.

Give them the Numbers

Have you noticed that no matter how expensive most properties are, even if they are located in secluded areas—hilltop mansions and real estates in deserts, for example—people still want to buy them? Why? Because people’s minds are wired to pay for a product because of the results, not just the price. For instance, Louis Vuitton is one of the most expensive lines of bags, but why do women spend a lot on buying an LV bag? Because of the results that come with it. Using the same concept in real estate, telling your clients where the new fad for real estate is will make your client want to catch the bandwagon, thus increasing your success rate in closing a sale.

Upholding their Losses

It is natural that people experience loss aversion when buying a product. The truth is that loss looms more than gains. Loss aversion can help your clients think about what they will lose if they do not buy this property. For maximum impact, you do not only tell clients the perks and benefits of a certain property, but you can also tell them what they will miss out in case they opt out for another property.

Selling properties is not a piece of cake. Using a higher level of sales marketing, such as reverse psychology, can help increase your success rate.

Kathyrine Nacionales

A writer, blogger, and an artist who always sees the beauty in everything.
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A writer, blogger, and an artist who always sees the beauty in everything.