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How Kami can Change Your Workflow

We all know the convenience of document viewers and editors. It’s even more convenient now that it can be accessed via the web, with the files themselves also accessible online. That is exactly the reason Kami is such a nice productivity app, a tool that may just get your workflow into high gear. Are you not convinced? Here are a few pointers:

Uncomplicated and clean layout

Accessibility doesn’t just mean getting the app itself to work. It may also mean getting to the options fast enough and easy enough, without the hoops and hassles that would usually require users to refer to manuals and instructions. With a straightforward interface, users can edit away at Kami as soon as the app opens. Users can intuitively highlight text, add comments, and share the files themselves to other users as if using a word processor that they already very familiar with.

Editing is also simple and direct

As mentioned earlier, Kami has a more or less intuitive accessibility that makes users familiarize with it quickly. This is even further reinforced by the editing options themselves. Click, select, and drag. That’s about as complicated as it gets, save of course for a few comments, annotations, editing suggestions, and a few premium-locked features here and there. Sure, Kami also has advanced editing options, but optimally working with documents and web research pages is just as direct as it gets using only what’s directly available.

Convenient File Sharing and Synchronization

Well, we do admit that Kami’s sharing options aren’t exactly as revolutionary or as unique when compared with other PDF viewers on the web. However, its integration with the app’s overall management system makes it technically better, if not more superior, compared with other similar apps. This includes the universal sharing capability of almost every single popularly used file hosting services around (e.g., Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive), which is even further boosted with a premium account.

The Perfect Match

If you’re using Chrome, chances are you might have already seen Kami in its fullest glory or in its best-optimized state. The brilliance of its use as an extension-type document viewer and documentation tool comes from the fact that it can integrate with many Google apps and Chrome extensions very well.

Kami evolves with Its Users

User feedback is very important when improving apps and upgrading features. User suggestion is incredibly important to Kami, and it works hard to develop new tools that its users will find useful. If you have a suggestion that you think would be beneficial to Kami, contact Kami would love to hear from you.

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