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Being a Kami Hero: How you can help schools and learning communities

When COVID-19 started to present challenges to our educator communities, our resilient group of Kami Heroes was there to help. Kami Heroes are educator ambassadors who support our mission to reimagine digital learning. However, their role goes beyond the classroom—their immense dedication helped thousands of teachers, parents, and guardians when the shift to remote learning occurred. 


To celebrate their incredible efforts, we reached out to some of our 2020 members and asked them how being a Kami Hero has helped their peer learning networks during these challenging times.



How has Kami transformed your teaching?


Megan: Although I no longer have a classroom of my own, Kami has dramatically impacted many of my peers. I have shared Kami with fellow teachers, and many are seeing how much easier it is for students who don’t have access to printers and other tools they would need to complete their curricular materials. I also have the joy of working with the parents in our community. I love hearing how much Kami has helped with their child’s workflow.


Albert: I started using Kami close to three years ago. We are currently on a hybrid schedule: I have a group of kids Monday to Tuesday and a different group of kids Thursday to Friday. Kami had allowed us to continue some of the same things I had done previously in class without missing a beat. I love the fact we’re able to collaborate and I can see as they are working—typing in real-time, even leaving them Video and Voice Comments as they are working.



How has being a Kami Hero impacted your school?


Megan: The most significant impact this year was allowing our teachers to test how the upgraded version of Kami works with my Kami Hero coupon code. As many of our teachers utilize Google Classroom, Kami has integrated seamlessly for them. The school is also thankful to have someone like me to be at their fingertips for quick, professional development opportunities.


Laura:  Although I am no longer in a classroom with kids, I can help teachers and magnify what I find educationally useful. I have worked with teachers using Kami in almost every subject area. For us, Kami is a multi-modal way for kids to express themselves without having to go into many different applications. They can do a variety of things to express their learning in Kami!



Was there a time where you used your Kami Hero powers to make a difference?


Megan:  It was when we faced this biggest challenge: the increase in online students. The curriculum we have for our online students requires students to print out and submit work. Kami provided families with the ease of keeping everything virtual and finding an alternative way to get the printed sources out. For the veteran teachers in our online school, it was like watching a light bulb turn on when I showed them how amazing Kami would work for their students.


Albert: Since becoming a Kami Hero, I’ve been able to do conferences and presentations; I even did some Personal Development sessions at Virginia Tech University. Teachers who had signed up for my session learned a lot about Kami and I see the excitement in these teachers! I always say, “Look, this will make your life a lot easier,” and these are one of those moments when I can positively influence others.


Laura: Knowing that we might be heading into remote learning, our teachers really stepped up and wanted to learn everything about digital tools. So, I put on my Kami Hero cape and offered as many Kami training sessions as possible to get our teachers ready. This summer, I made it my mission to get everybody up to speed. Kami was one of the tools we focused on because there was a great deal of interest and I believe in it as a great educational tool. 



What has been your favorite moment of being a Kami Hero?


Megan: My favorite moment of being a Kami Hero (so far) was traveling to Amarillo, Texas, and representing Kami at an EdTechTeam Conference. I was able to jump into leading a session on Kami. Although it was the last minute to include me in the schedule, I was able to share what Kami can do for a classroom and I was also able to meet a bunch of outstanding educators, which I still keep in contact with.


Albert:  My school has so many kids and only so few staff and resources. In our virtual environment, Kami is something that their parents can sit with their children while we’re not with them in a face-to-face setting. The Text to Speech and Dictionary tools have been so invaluable to me. I’ve shared this with our Special Education Department and they have taken to it, so have the kids. For me, that is what has been very special.


Laura:  Sharing Kami this summer with teachers who were getting ready to teach remotely and seeing the excitement teachers have for Kami; once they know what it can do and what the benefits are for their students. That‘s my favorite moment—when that light bulb goes off for a fellow educator!



How would you describe your experience as a Kami Hero in one word?



A big thank you to Megan, Albert and Laura for allowing us to sit down with you (virtually). It was amazing to listen to you all share how your ambassador status has helped your communities adapt to new environments. We will always be in awe of your
power to make a difference!


Want to become a Kami Hero?

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