Hacks to Keep you Battery Life Longer

Battery life, as simple as it seems, is something that we all know is one of the most significant factors in device usage. Specs don’t matter when you always need to juice up your laptop or phone. So, it is natural for us to search for ways to maximize device use. Here are a few battery saving hacks that can help get every bit of energy for your gadget or device.

Stopping the Wi-Fi Locator Function

You can turn off your Wi-Fi connection, but that doesn’t mean that your mobile device is no longer searching for Wi-Fi signals. To save the battery from this automated feature, you can access the advanced options of your Wi-Fi settings.

Disabling Auto-Brightness Control

Yes, believe it or not, auto-brightness control actually drains more of your battery than saving it, since it still requires more processes just to scan natural field brightness and readjust according to what your laptop or tablet receives. Therefore, if you want to save battery power, it must be disabled. Instead, try to adjust the setting to the lowest level where you can still comfortably see the screen.

Use the Lowest Type of Network Available

Does it sound counter-productive? Perhaps, but you don’t need a 4G connection every single second of your day. If it isn’t obvious yet, it is the same as turning off your Wi-Fi locator, preventing maintenance processes from constantly eating up your gadget’s battery. For phones, switching down to standard 2G can save a lot of juice for extended periods without charging.

Keep your apps on the list

This may seem a bit of a weird hack, but your RAM works a bit more in rewriting its memory as you close some of your apps. If that app does not use some active process, then it may be best to leave it as is, at least just for a little while longer.

Do not use device batteries as a UPS

Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) may serve the charming function of saving your unit (or work) from disaster due to a sudden unfortunate power loss, but the benefits do not exactly match that of your laptop battery. First is produced heat; the second is the outlet’s current. Both of these only shorten the unit’s battery life during prolonged exposures, making it less of a convenience to carry and more of a hassle just to keep running.

App Killers and Hibernators

While not really a hack, this does fall under the category of special tweaks. As you may have already known, these programs are mainly used to track down, analyze, and possibly terminate certain apps and processes that do not directly appear as still functioning on your active app list. Learning to hibernate your apps means never having to experience the trouble of multiple background apps slurping away your battery juice from behind the scenes.

Disabling Location Services

Typical yes, but its popularity is a testament to its real efficiency. Disabling location services requires different directions and instructions for certain gadgets, whether you have a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or another smart device. However, it mainly focuses on the termination of GPS and network-based tracking, which, as you already know, may or may not be constantly required for some of your apps. In any case, turning these off not only saves the battery from these processes, but you can also potentially save battery juice from other processes that use these very same processes as well.

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