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Google OnHub

Routers are essential in today’s networking systems, but they are in the spotlight of consumer tech. This is about to change, however, as Google introduces a new router that will change how routers are viewed forever.

OhHub might not sound like an exciting name for Google’s latest gadget, but it has already presented itself to be quite “smarter” than your average router. You see, aside from its advertised easy setup and management, it is also embedded with various integration capabilities for several commonly-used smart home accessories. If you have already seen the Amazon Echo, then you probably already know the feel and look of this device, except that the kinds of gimmicks Google wants with this new device aren’t exactly the same.

So, what does Google want to do with OnHub then, you ask? Well, since its smart features are still yet to be implemented, what’s left by default is its setup and management system. It is not unique, yes, but it is supposed to make network troubleshooting and tweaking far easier for average Joes. That is, they don’t have to deal with the technicalities of fixing networks on routers, aided by the nice and simple interface and options of an easy-to-use iOS or Android app. Aside from simplicity, a few automated tweaks, such as channel switching, connection prioritization, and firmware updates, will also be available, which would also make it easier to use.

The cylindrical shape of the OnHub features a design and motif that was intended to be non-intrusive, allowing it to fit in any space of your home without being too much of an eyesore. Speaking of hardware, the unit itself was also advertised to be capable of delivering uninterrupted wireless data transmission through its 13 antennas and rounded shape. As with other standard routers, it will also support 802.11ac and 5Ghz Wi-Fi, further enhancing its motif of stable wireless transmission plus easy-on-the-eye design.

The upcoming smart features, as mentioned earlier, will have a distinct focus on its smart integration. What, exactly, it will do, and how it will interact with your smart gadgets and accessories was not specified. However, we could all probably speculate that it would most likely be related to other smart accessories that will be released shortly. A custom interface, perhaps, or a few more automated features might be added.

The current iteration of the OnHub was developed with the cooperation of Google’s current partner for the project, TP-LINK. The next version of the product will be developed with another partner, which, at that time, will be Asus. Consumers can also expect the newer tweaks and smart features to be available for the latest upcoming version of OnHub.

If you’re interested in trying out OnHub, Google is now accepting pre-orders for its smart router at $199.99 on major online retailers. Or, if you choose to wait, you can just purchase it at your local tech store in the following weeks.

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