Gadgets that You Should and Shouldn’t Always Have In Your Bag

We live in a modern world of electronics and digital gadgets. But even with this wide variety of available gadgets, we can only bring so much in our everyday lives. What’s worse is that what we don’t need to always carry might not look instantly obvious. But don’t worry, we’ve listed some of the most commonly used ones, classifying them into whether they should or should not be brought regularly with us whenever we go out.

Portable Chargers: Bring

Alright, we do know that the battery capacities of the more recent mobile device models are good enough to last for an entire day. But this is not what portable chargers are for. Portable chargers are best utilized at times when you’d never think that a low-batt smartphone would hit you, making it an essential emergency item in your bag. Trust us, there are far too many situations where this could happen, even in an urban setting (hint: sudden changes).

USB Adapters: Bring

Micro-USB, mini-USB, full-USB, USB Type-C, Thunderbolt, the list goes on. Heck, even a simple external HDD to tablet connection might require a USB adapter. There are practically no disadvantages in keeping one safely tucked in a bag pocket somewhere. Besides, it’s just an adapter. It’s not powered, and it should be small enough to fit into any small bag pocket without intrusion.

Portable HDD: Don’t Bring

Are you surprised? Our mention of it earlier might have hinted that it is a necessity, but it isn’t. Sure, the thin, square form factor is hardly a nuisance in your bag, but there are probably other gadgets and accessories that can take its place. Remember, this is not to say that a portable HDD should not be brought; rather, it is merely optional and not an absolute must in your techie bag.

USB Data Dongles: Bring

While portable HDDs are optional, smaller, more compact USBs, data dongles are far easier to carry, with negligible (if any) weight and form factor for your bag. Nothing’s more convenient than passing around files and data in its raw form. Sure, the cloud is there to store files, and your smartphones can talk with each other for that easy wireless file transfer, but having a good ol’ USB dongle in your bag always assures you of an alternative that is just as easy and quick to use.

Mobile Wi-Fi: Don’t Bring

Now let’s go to something a little bit more straightforward. We all know the perks of having a pocket Wi-Fi device. But with all of the modern features of other mobile devices today, the option to bring such a device only becomes relevant if there are enough devices that will use them. Even then, your 4G Android smartphone might even replace it completely, making this one optional.

10-inch tablet: Don’t Bring

This one is another surprise. One would think that smartphones and tablets automatically go into the “must bring” category. But this one falls into the optional category for one simple reason: variability. While you might highly value mobile productivity with your 2-in-1 hybrid tablet, 10-inch tablets are almost always whisked into bags because of specific reasons. It’s not a generic gadget that you can simply whip out in any situation. It’s a necessity if you have a reason for bringing it, but it’s optional if you don’t.

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