Fresh and Functional New Tools for Schools

Technology is both useful and exciting. Thanks to continuous technological developments, new gadgets and tools that make life more convenient keep on coming. Education has also immensely benefitted from these technological advancements. At present, classrooms are going digital. This development is improving the learning process and strengthening the engagement of students.

Here are some of the new tools that will help 2016 be the best school year yet.


Trello is an organization app perfect for establishing a systematic workflow. It may be used for solo organization as well as for team collaboration. It is like an online bulletin board. It allows you to organize tasks through cards arranged in columns. Each task gets a card which allows you to add details, such as deadlines, checklists, labels, and progress meter; write comments; and upload files from your computer or the cloud. It also works with team projects, as it updates real-time and notifies everyone when changes are made.

Carnegie ESL and ESP

These are two tools recently released by Sunburst and Carnegie Speech. Carnegie ESL is a program designed to help improve a student’s speaking skills. The organization’s research shows that 10-20 hours of use helps improve speech by more than two times. It features a real-time voice analysis of over 100 languages, which aims to give each student a unique and highly adaptive ESL learning process. The Carnegie ESP, on the other hand, is a complete and ready-to-use program directed at K-5 students.


Kami is an all-in-one online office suite developed to improve document workflow and to allow editing, annotating, and collaborating on a wide range of documents such as PDFs and Microsoft Office. With the rapid uptake of Chromebooks as schools around the world move to paperless environments, Kami allows users to interact online with documents created in a variety of formats. Kami is an innovative online office productivity tool. It features the ability to view, edit, annotate, share, and collaborate all your files. There are several benefits from using Kami as a learning tool. Here are some specific reasons why K-12 classrooms need the Kami app. Interactive learning. It opens doors for educators to personalize the learning process, depending on the needs of your students. Imagination is the limit when it comes to digital learning.


Classlink gives schools a means to adopt and explore technology with ease. It provides a single sign-on technology for administrators, teachers, staff, and students. Basically, it makes files, websites, and applications accessible on any device through a browser. It allows one school or district to have a streamlined access. Users may choose between the free edition and the enterprise version. The free edition accommodates a maximum of 50 persons, while the enterprise edition, for an annual subscription fee, features an expanded access including support and training. Classlink aims to eliminate problems from too many passwords, scattered files, and disorganized computer systems in schools.


Because of its functionality, Chromebook is a hit in schools. The usage of Chromebooks, however, has certain risks which are controllable. GoGuardian aims to help administrators and teachers to manage Chromebook use among students. Featuring a user-friendly portal, teachers have the ability to see what each student is doing, review the students’ activity timeline, and control how they use the technology free from distractions and possible harmful content from the Internet. The tools allow teachers to close immaterial tabs, open new tabs, darken screens, and demand attention by locking the devices.

With these new tools, the usage of technology is maximized, and at the same time, its drawbacks are controlled. Classroom education has never been better!

Maria Dublin
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Maria is a writer, an editor, and a law student. She plays for the Philippine national touch football team, and does a lot of travelling during the holidays.