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Five Traits That You Must Possess To Be an Effective Manager

Good and effective managers are rare, but that doesn’t mean you cannot ever be one. There are some traits that people are naturally born with that make them better fits to be managers. There are also traits that they can develop and improve on their own over time. If you want to become an effective manager someday, here are five traits that you should be working on now.

Industry Knowledge 

For a manager to be effective, he must know the ins and outs of the industry. A manager should know what works and what doesn’t. It’s their level of expertise and the extent of their knowledge that can propel their team to success. The more a manager knows, the more they can impart to their team and the more they can contribute to the whole organization. It is this same industry knowledge that will teach their team everything they need to know about the industry that they belong in.


A good and effective manager should be able to communicate with their team and with other people in the organization. They must be able to relay information in a manner that’s accurate and uncomplicated and in the most effective way possible. They must know how to carefully choose their words depending on the situation and the message that they want to relay. The manager must also be able to effectively understand, interpret, and acknowledge the non-verbal communication of people. Without good communication, there’s no way that a workplace can run smoothly and peacefully. A manager that is a good communicator can help avoid conflicts, achieve targets, and motivate people just through their words alone.


An effective manager should be able to gain the trust of their people. They should be able to inspire and lead them in a direction that will take them to higher heights. They should be able to let others get a piece of the action and help them spread their wings. Most important of all, they should be able to delegate and train their people to be future managers and leaders.


An effective manager must also be able to change with the times. Businesses will continue to change, as well as the people employed by them. The manager should be able to lead effectively and introduce their team to new and exciting changes. An effective manager doesn’t just quit when things change or when things get tough. They will stick around and figure out the best way to approach these changes and will have their team with them every step of the way.


An effective manager should be someone that their team and their superiors can count on. A manager should also be the one people won’t hesitate to come to for help and advice, work-related or not.

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