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Five Million Reasons to Celebrate our Fifth Birthday

We recently turned five and our celebration has been extra special because our Kami community has grown to more than 5 million Kami users, creating an astonishing 420 million comments alone. 

And as our community grows in number, we have also strengthened our relationship with educators through the Kami Heroes program. With Kami Heroes, we will continue to improve our app for the teachers and students.

We have made it easier for thousands of American schools to go paperless, switching from traditional pen and paper to using devices such as Chromebook and Kami to create and annotate content and collaborate in the classroom.

And in the past few months, we have also seen an increase in Kami use in the workplace as more and more companies and professionals switch to Kami. Together, we are building a future with paperless classrooms and workplaces. We cannot wait to see what this beautiful collaboration brings.

Thank you 5,000,000x



Kami is an essential app for Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and Chromebook schools because of the annotation tools that enable students to complete worksheets and do close reading exercises. We have also integrated and partnered with Google for Education to make it easier for teachers to create assignments on Kami, which instantly syncs with their Google Classroom accounts. “Apps [like Kami] that integrate with Classroom offer educators a seamless experience and allow them to easily share information between Classroom and other tools they love,” according to a recent blog post published by the Google Classroom team.

“It makes my life so much easier. I don’t have to convert files from a PDF to a different type of document. Also, I can use publisher-provided PDF documents and have my students annotate,” says Brittney Goodwin, English teacher at Banning High School in California.

As classrooms transition from traditional pen and paper to devices like Chromebooks, there is a fundamental need for tools that will help transition schoolwork to be digital. “Teachers love being able to annotate directly on their PDFs that they share with their students,” says Ben Sondgeroth, an instructor at Edtech Teacher. This is where Kami becomes the digital version of tools that teachers and students are familiar with, and it has features that encourage active student participation and collaboration. “I think those are the two big features that teachers love to bring to PDFs and that they have used successfully in the past, but they now digitize those activities, so they are not losing work they have already done and created,” adds Sondegroth. 


Kami also solves the teacher dilemma of paper management. Jill Nation, a science teacher at Cathedral City High School in California, says that “you end up with so many papers all over your desk, and then you hand them back to the students, and they still end up on your floor.” The convenience of being able to access older documents has made classrooms run more efficiently, “If a month from now, we need to revisit photosynthesis, I can say, ‘Pull out your assignment on photosynthesis,’ and they can pull out the assignment from Google Drive and work on Kami,” added Ms. Nation.


Together, we have saved over 50,000 trees by opting to go paperless. With over 85 million documents loaded on our app, we have made a significant change by using Kami as a reliable PDF and document viewer with essential tools. Kami enables and encourages a more environmentally conscious classroom with tools that replicate paper-based activities, helping to maintain cost-effectiveness as teachers move from traditional materials to the digital format. Sondgeroth adds, “Everybody produces content in PDF, so teachers are overwhelmed and flooded with PDFs a lot. When that happens, they do not know how they can distribute these things efficiently among their students. Because a lot of stuff is really good, but they do not want just to print out thousands of pages of papers they use with their kids every day. And so, Kami ties that in by allowing these teachers to bring in the stuff that’s pre-created then put their spin on it.”


Kami is a cloud-based PDF and document annotation app. It is available on the web via and in Google Marketplace via G Suite Apps Marketplace and Google Chrome Web Store. So far, Kami has had more than seven million installs.

Kami was founded by Hengjie Wang (CEO), Alliv Samson (COO), Jordan Thoms (CTO), and Bob Drummond (CRO) in 2013.

Kami was previously known as Notable PDF and a Google Apps Partner.

Kami is located in Auckland, San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, Orlando and the Philippines.


Kami Fast Facts

  • Founded in 2013
  • Kami is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand
  • 5 million signed up users
  • 7 million installs in the Google Chrome Web Store and G Suite Apps Marketplace
  • Over 12,000 K-12 schools use Kami in the United States
  • 85 million documents loaded on Kami


1 million January 2016
2 million October 2016
3 million April 2017
4 million September 2017
5 million March 2018


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