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Five Kinds of Bosses You Will Be Working with Throughout your Career

All throughout your professional career, you will be working with different bosses with different personalities and work ethics. Some will be great bosses, and some will be terrible bosses. Here are five of the most common kinds of bosses you will have the pleasure, or horror, of working with.

The Superior Boss

He likes to intimidate those who are working under him. He doesn’t enjoy being wrong because he believes he’s never wrong. He’s not big on listening to comments and suggestions or ideas from others. He likes to order people around, as if they were his personal slaves. He likes being in control, and when he’s not in control, expect to be lashed at. He holds his job position with a sense of entitlement. He is patronizing and manipulative, and he will not hesitate to use dirty tactics just to look good. This is definitely a boss not to be trusted.

The Overworked Boss

He’s the first person to arrive at the office and the last person to leave. You can’t recall the last time he went on a holiday or took some personal time off. He works almost seven days a week, including the holidays. And he never takes a sick day, either. It can be that he just loves the work so much that he practically lives in the office, or it can also be that he doesn’t have much of a choice because it’s his job. Either way, he works too hard, and you just can’t help but wish that he’ll soon realize that he is.

The Not So Sharp Boss

He’s the type of boss that will make you wonder how he became a boss in the first place. Most of the time, he doesn’t know what he’s doing and will just come up with excuses. He seemingly pretends to be talking to important people on the phone or replying to emails on his computer. More often than not, he comes to you to seek your help or even let you do the work. Because of his ineptitude, you end up doing more work than you can handle.

The Slacker Boss

The slacker boss likes to look busy around the office, but he never actually accomplishes anything significant. He makes a few calls here and there, replies to a couple of emails, and then steps out of the office for an early lunch. He usually comes back way past the lunch hour, and then he’ll do a little work in front of his computer again. Before you know it, he’s stepping out of his office again, this time to grab a cup of coffee. Then just like that, it’s time to go home.

The Perfectionist Boss

This is the type of boss who can drive you to tears of exhaustion or frustration. He will not accept work that is less than perfect, by his standards. He likes to be in full control, to an obsessive compulsive degree. There’s no arguing or reasoning with this type of boss. You might as well be talking to a tree. However, this kind of boss can also inspire you to strive for perfection. In a way, the perfectionist boss trains you not to settle for second best.

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