File Sharing Tools and Apps for School Work

Gone are the days when students had no choice but to carry around physical copies of their projects, documents, notes, or books. Because of the development of technology and the Internet, students can now access, submit, post, and store their files using various file sharing tools and apps in their mobile phones, laptops, or computers.

Through file sharing, documents and other study materials can be shared publicly or with selected groups or individuals. Users can choose other people’s access levels and control who can view, modify, or download files. All of this can be achieved by simply uploading the files to the app or tool.

Why Every Student Should Use File Sharing Tools and Apps

File sharing apps and tools are there to make your life much easier. Though convenience is the main goal, these apps and tools offer other benefits that students will find useful.

Store all of your files. Most of the time, your computer or external memory will not be able to accommodate all of your reports, eBooks, projects, notes, or documents because of limited space. Cloud servers let you store more files of any type. Many cloud servers have sharing features, so you can allow certain individuals to view, download, or modify your stored files online.

Accessible anytime, anywhere. By using file-sharing tools, you can easily access lecture notes and study materials uploaded by your teacher and classmates outside the classroom, whenever you need them.

Collaborative work. Working on group projects can be difficult when every member has conflicting schedules. Many file-sharing apps and tools have collaboration features where everyone can work on the project either simultaneously or during each member’s free time, without having to be physically together in one place.

Free or inexpensive. Being a student, you are faced with budget restraints. Buying external drives or several USBs can cost a lot. Fortunately, most file sharing apps and tools are available for free. Some of them offer additional memory and extra features for an affordable price.

Finding the Right File-Sharing App or Tool

There are multiple file-sharing apps and tools available online. So how would you know which one is right for you? Different file-sharing tools offer various features that suit your needs as a student.

For document collaboration. These tools not only let you share your documents, but they also allow other people to modify them. Everyone who has access to the file can proofread the document, edit the text, and add comments simultaneously, which is perfect for group projects.

For sharing large files. Some email or apps set limits on the file size that you can upload. However, there are file-sharing tools where you can transfer and share large documents, videos, or audio files.

For classroom collaboration. Certain apps were created specifically to allow both students and teachers to work together. Reading materials, educational apps, exercises, and announcements from the teacher can be accessed through this shared space. They also come with a chat function that you can use if you have certain questions for your teacher.

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