Famous Teachers and What We Can Learn from Them in 2015

Teachers are one of the greatest influences any person can have. They hold in their hands the ability to share with you the very lessons that may make you who you want to be. Many of the lessons we learned at school were so tedious we swore the skills they taught would never come in handy. In hindsight, a lot of these lessons have helped us a lot more than we ever thought they could have. Often, it is helpful to look back on those lessons. Here are a few that have helped us along the way.


Aristotle was the teacher of Alexander the Great and was one of the first few people who showed the world that people can learn about different subjects at a time. He showed us that teachers are students too; teachers are students of the subjects that they teach, and there is always more to learn and share to one’s students. Aristotle delved into many different subjects, such as astronomy, philosophy, and mathematics.

Emma Hart Willard

Emma Willard was an intelligent student, so her father made sure that she learned as well as possible. Because of her prowess, Emma Willard became a teacher by 17 and started running a school two years later. Through her perseverance, Emma Willard became the founder of the Troy Female Seminary, revolutionising the start of formal women’s higher education. The work of Emma Willard just shows that teachers are not only responsible for honing their student’s minds, but also in making sure that everyone who wants to learn is given the opportunity to do so.

Anne Sullivan

Anne Sullivan was the teacher of Helen Keller. She became the basis and inspiration of all teachers who work with students that are deaf, visually impaired, or both. The things that she did with Helen Keller to help her education became activities that teachers now do with their students to help them learn despite any disabilities. Anne Sullivan became part of the Women’s Hall of Fame, and she deserves it. The woman revolutionised education for all by showing the world how a combination of strict teaching and a lot of patience always helps students learn.

Jaime Escalante

Jaime Escalante is a Bolivian teacher that made his mark when he went to California to teach. He put a high priority on teaching students and making sure that they are learning rather than just passing. At first, quite a lot of people were protesting against his teaching style. However, soon enough his students and their parents began to realise that he was just working for the better. His students began passing the advanced placement exams in Calculus, and appreciation for his teaching style began to spread. Many people now know how important it is to understand a subject rather than just remember it. His empowering style was internalised in one of his lines that said, “if we expect them [kids] to be winners, they will be winners.”


Maria Dublin
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