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Engineers Collaborate on Drafts Using Kami

“I use Kami every day. It’s straightforward, it’s simple, it just works.”
Mark Hoener, M3 Construction, LLC

At M3 Construction, collaborating on documents is a crucial part of the job. Drafters will draw up plans which will then be sent to different departments in the company. Each person who views the plans will need to be able to highlight and comment on the document where changes need to be made to ensure things go according to plan once construction begins.

About the Company
M3 Construction is a Colorado-based design-build company providing clients with engineering and construction services for oil and gas field projects, specialising in saltwater disposal, solids handling, water recycling and production facilities. M3 Construction specialises in developing designs and plans with clear cost parameters, providing complete engineering and construction services from permitting, constructability analysis, scheduling, material and equipment acquisition and construction services. They are continuously looking to introduce technology that helps the company work more efficiently, and, therefore, be more cost effective than traditional engineering and construction groups. M3 Construction’s agile approach means that there will be minimal delays in project completion.

Technical Challenge
The new generation of engineers is looking for a more productive alternative to the old way of printing documents and marking them with pens and highlighters before handing the papers over to the next person for review. With whole companies going paperless and moving work to the cloud, engineers are looking for a way that they can work more efficiently. In addition to this, engineers need to collaborate on a large number of documents, so they are in need of a tool that allows them to work from their computers and tablets anywhere at any time.

Kami Provides a Solution
Mark Hoener, an engineer at M3 Construction in Colorado, was looking for a PDF editor that was simple and easy to use that didn’t have all of the unnecessary extras. For Mark, working with PDFs is ideal for his work as he doesn’t want people to edit the documents directly but be able to share his work with others, and their input is vital in the drafting process. Mark now uses Kami every day, and the only trouble he has is getting older engineers to ditch the numerous pens and paper. He uses Kami for viewing files, adding text, drawing shapes, and merging files into single documents. Kami’s OCR tool is crucial in the collaboration process.

Why Using Kami is Beneficial
As millions of individuals move their work to the cloud, Kami will be the best alternative to the traditional Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Reader applications. Our product is accessible via any browser through our web-based app, as well as Google Chrome Extension App and Google Marketplace App. Kami is a beautiful application that makes it easy for everyone to use. From students to professionals, anyone can easily use our app to create, edit, annotate, and share with just a click of a button. Other applications available have designs and features that can be compared to the usual word editing programmes. With Kami, the layout of the application is more intuitive, enabling greater accessibility and allowing annotations to be done in an instant. There are numerous benefits to Kami, which include providing a venue for collaborative learning in the most efficient way. Since it can be connected to Google Drive, files can be saved and shared 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without any hassle.

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