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Engaging More Students in the Classroom with Podcasting

The classrooms of 2016 are brimming with technology. Students save their books to their tablets, and homework is assigned and submitted through Google Classroom or other learning management systems (LMS). More often than not, students ask their teachers for quick ways to consult, and these are usually done through text, chat, or e-mail. Although it is still quite important to have time with the students in the classroom, there is, by far, no reason to completely deny the opportunities presented by technology. With that said, teachers will always be tasked with keeping students’ attention!

New medium for new thinkers

Studies have shown that the attention span of K-12 learners is much shorter than it was decades ago. This is why the advent of quicker methods to do things have sparked the internet and messaging. This allows educators to be creative about how they communicate their lessons to students. If anything, it lets teachers explore new mediums for the students who are having a hard time focussing on lessons.

Getting more information to students

Faced with the task of getting information to our students, we need to be as innovative as the technology on their desks. Creating podcasts for lessons can make it so much more interesting for students that would like a little more information to truly understand the lessons. Podcasting is a great tool to help more students understand the things you are talking about instead of leaving them to fend for themselves if ever they are having a hard time and yet are too shy to say so.

Other students would also appreciate podcasted lessons because many remember better by listening. And as we all know, different students have different ways of digesting information. Students who digest information better from listening will benefit from podcasts. These may be the students who have a hard time focusing on the visual aids you have in class but will certainly remember the things that you were talking about.

Podcasts for higher learning

If those reasons still haven’t sold you on the idea of podcasting in the classroom, you can at least look at it as a practical tool in the art of teaching. Just like other utility programs like Kami, you don’t have to think about podcasting as the actual medium for teaching. Instead, you can imagine these programs as your method to teach better. It will help you reach out to more students as well as offer deeper insights into lessons that you think will be of more value to them, especially if you are pressed for time in the actual classroom. Podcasting can be the perfect medium for offering the extra supplemental information that teachers rarely get the chance to share in class.

Podcasting is a great way to share in your students’ ability to manipulate technology. Giving them the option to learn through a non-traditional way might help them to learn more efficiently and with more appreciation for the lessons.

Maria Dublin
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Maria is a writer, an editor, and a law student. She plays for the Philippine national touch football team, and does a lot of travelling during the holidays.