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Email Etiquette 101

We use email all of the time, but some people still commit email mistakes that will make you cringe. Never suffer from embarrassing email blunders ever again. Do email the right way by following these smart and easy tips.

Write a clear and concise subject line

If you want to give your recipient an easier time to locate your email from their inbox or to get a reply the soonest possible time, write a super short gist of your email in the subject line. Your office colleagues or bosses receive a ton of emails per day, and they usually filter the emails that arrive at their inbox based on the subject lines.

Only use a professional email address

It’s time to lose the email address you created when you were in high school. 2hot2handle or poshspice4evah just won’t cut it anymore.

Avoid the “Reply All” when you can

If people don’t have to be included in the email thread, don’t hit “Reply All.” This is annoying on so many levels because people who should not be receiving email replies still get flooded with email replies. Not only does it fill up your inbox, but you also get distracted with each email notification that pops up.

Professional tone all throughout

Make sure that you have the correct name of the recipient and that the name is spelled correctly. Use the appropriate amount of professionalism and formality when writing the salutation even if the person you’re emailing is someone you go to spin class with now and then. You’re safe with ‘Hello’ and then the person’s first name if you’re on a first-name basis.

Don’t use too many exclamation points

Exclamation points are used only to convey strong emotions or to signify raising your voice or shouting. That’s why you shouldn’t pepper your email with exclamation points, unless it’s an emotional email and it’s intended for someone you are rather close with, and not your boss.

Be respectful and considerate

Avoid off-color jokes or jabs that can offend other people’s sensitivities, especially if you come from different backgrounds and have different belief systems. Be careful about being misinterpreted, so review what you’ve written before hitting Send. When you’re not sure about something, just leave it out.

Reply to your emails

When people send you an email, they expect a reply. No matter how busy you are, make sure that you send a reply before the end of the day.

Spell check and proofread

This is the most important thing that you need to do before sending out your email. Check your spelling and punctuation. Make sure that the information you have written is accurate. Use only complete sentences. Also, check that you have all the email addresses in the recipient field and that they’re correct. Try to read what you’ve written to see whether your email has the appropriate tone.

Keep it short

It’s an email, not a novel. You don’t need to write a lengthy email that will take too much time to read. It’s best to keep it clear and concise, and end it with a simple ‘thank you’ or ‘warm regards’.

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