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It’s no lie that technology has reached (almost) every part of the planet and has dominated every aspect of our lives – and education has been following technology every step of the way. No one can deny that technology has revolutionized education as we know it.

Social media has also played a role in this revolution by helping everyone from the education industry to connect, share opinions, views, and techniques, and, basically, improving what needs to be improved. Twitter is one of the most powerful social media outlets on the worldwide Web. It should be no surprise, therefore, that EdTech has also found its ground and followers via Twitter. Whether you are new to EdTech or a veteran, you may want to follow the various EdTech Twitter accounts listed here.


There is edX, which initially was a collaboration between MIT and Harvard; edX has also evolved to include other big name universities such Stanford, Georgetown, Wellesley, the Australian National University, and the University of Toronto. Follow the edX Twitter account for updates on its developments and other resources, you, as a teacher, may find interesting.
Follow at: @edXOnline


Education should not be just about traditional learning techniques. Without improvement, education will stagnate. If you are looking for new teaching techniques or just inspiration in teaching, you may want to follow Edutopia’s Twitter account. With evidence-based learning strategies being shared on its Twitter account, it really is one that’s worth following.
Follow at @Edutopia

Karen Cator

Who better to follow in the EdTech revolution than the former director of the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology? While in office, Karen Cator launched the Learning Registry and other EdTech projects that made this a worthwhile Twitter follow. Her personal Twitter account didn’t get much activity while she was still holding the position of director but has since become active with tweets about EdTech updates and other people in the EdTech world that are also worth following.
Follow at @kcator

Susan Patrick

Just like Karen Cator, Susan Patrick was also a former director of the Office of Education Technology. She is now the president and CEO of International Association for K-12 Online Learning. Follow her account for various teaching innovations.
Follow at @susandpatrick

Department of Education Office of Educational Technology

Since we’ve been talking about the former directors, it is more than worth a mention to include in this list the Department of Education Office of Educational Technology. As one would expect, the office’s Twitter account is filled with tweets regarding the latest developments and studies about EdTech. It also addresses issues such as those regarding using the cloud as a storage repository for student data.
Follow at: @OfficeofEdTech

Michael Chasen

Co-founder and former CEO of Blackboard, a learning management system. Michael Chasen’s Twitter account is definitely worth a follow. As one of the pioneers in the union of education and technology, as early as 1997, his Twitter account is filled with personal quotes reflecting his opinions on EdTech and other useful links to other EdTech resources that you may find interesting.
Follow at: @michaelchasen


The team at Kami are constantly researching and sharing exciting EdTech advancements and solutions throughout their social media platforms. Kami is a tried and tested annotating app and is related to everything to do with technology, education, and careers.
Follow at: @officialkamihq

These are just some of the countless Twitter accounts you can find that are dedicated to EdTech.

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