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Eaton Corporation Improves Productivity with Google Apps for Work and Notable PDF


“I use Notable everyday as a replacement for Acrobat Reviews. Notable can be accessed by anyone on the Internet, making it easy for any of our offices around the globe to review material I create. It’s easier to use than Acrobat as well, which is a big plus.”

William Lawrence – Lead Designer, Eaton Corporation

Challenge: Longer cycle times in reviewing and producing documents.

Solution: Notable PDF integration with Google Apps for Work (Gmail and Drive).

Benefits: Increased productivity and real-time collaboration with teams.


The Business

Eaton Corporation is a power management company manufacturing energy-efficient solutions for electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power industries. Eaton has approximately 103,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 175 countries. The company has announced it earned $22 billion last 2013.

eaton headquarters

Business and Technical Challenge
A 30-person team at Eaton needed a solution that will enable them to work with each other anywhere anytime. The team produces user manuals and documents required for manufacturing and designing. They go through hundreds of files and thousands of pages a year. Their process includes emailing the team drafts in the form of PDF format with the use of Adobe Acrobat as their default PDF viewer.

The two main business challenges that the team wanted to resolve are longer work cycle and collaboration tools. They used Adobe Acrobat to review files and manuals in PDF format. However, the Desktop software was not enough to solve some of their needs. Even though, Acrobat offers basic online features it was not enough to improve productivity as there was no real-time collaboration.

eaton personnel
Eaton at Convention Event

Acrobat also lacked some key features such as online access and real-time collaboration. The problem was that the team spent hours if not days working on a file. In the end, the team struggled with longer cycle time and high monthly cost with Adobe Acrobat ($29.99 USD/user a month).

Our Integrated Solution

William Lawrence, Eaton Lead Designer, looked for a solution that will work cloud-based. He discovered Notable PDF on the Chrome Apps Marketplace and immediately installed and trialed the product. After using Notable PDF, he enquired for the Pro license for his team to enable integration with Google for Work. The team later on purchased Notable PDF Business license ($10 USD/user a month) and started using Notable PDF.

google apps for work and notable pdfThe main features that the team used are the PDF viewer and annotation. The team integrated Notable PDF with Google Apps for Work, which delivered one-click PDF viewer with annotation tool. It created a seamless and synchronised collaboration and file management.

After Notable PDF had been deployed, the team was able to use better PDF viewer on their browser. They no longer need download and use an external Desktop software view their files. Having the one-click capability, they can easily work on their files on their browser. In addition, any member of the team can share and access files straight from from Gmail or Drive accounts.

As a result, having Notable PDF integrated with the team’s Google Apps for Work accounts, they can access files and annotations in one place. Their work is faster and easier with uninterrupted process from sending to sharing. By installing Notable PDF on their Google Apps for Work, it helped increased team productivity that enabled richer, seamless collaboration on tasks across all environments.

The benefits gained from the integration includes decreased work time spent on collaborating by approximately 50%, real-time collaboration and improved productivity. Also, by having their files synced with the Google Accounts, the team managed to painlessly migrate their files and work onto the cloud.

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