Convert Your Outlines into Mind Maps

Did you ever have the experience of being given a rare opportunity of taking an open-book exam only to fail it miserably? A lot of students tend to waste chances like these because they fail to utilize their resources correctly. They waste time flipping through thick text books looking for answers to the test questions until the time runs out.

Why Do You Need Mind Maps?

There are a lot of techniques students use to internalize complex concepts they encounter in class. Some take down notes, some create outlines, others rely on mind maps. The mind map presents ideas or topics in the form of a diagram revolving around a main topic. This responds to the limitations of outlines which are too rigid. Mind maps enable ideas to be constructed more easily by arranging them in a radial or non-linear fashion. Scattered information becomes more cohesive. They also provide an excellent bird’s eye view of how each topic is related to one another. Ideas can be added or reorganized any time the need arises.

What are Some Mind Mapping Applications You Can Use?

Mind maps provide great assistance in creating and manipulating ideas. Applications that can help you convert the outlines you have prepared to mind maps can now be downloaded online. Here is a list of some of the best mind mapping applications that you can try:


Mindmeister is hailed as the best online application for making mind maps available on the market today. The free mobile application is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Users can generate mind maps wherever they are. The interface is so simple that it can be enjoyed by a wide range of users, from elementary students to postgraduate students. Its impressive features allow collaborative work and help conceptualize projects, among others.


This incredible application is an extension of Google Chrome that can be integrated with Google Drive, Box, Cloud, and Dropbox. On Mindmap, files can be saved in different storage locations, printed, or exported as an image.


People will surely benefit the most from this application because of its wonderful interface. The XMind mind map you create can be navigated with keystrokes. You can also make other diagrams such as a fishbone or a tree. These can be exported into HTML, image, or text format.


With MindNode, you can simply list down your ideas and create a number of mind maps as you wish using the MindNode infinite canvas. You can also make connections between nodes from two different mind maps. It can be connected to iCloud and Dropbox so that your mind maps can be accessed on your devices.

Text 2 Mind Map

Text 2 Mind Map closes the gap between the outline and the mind map format by giving tools for making the two formats on a single page. It is very simple to use: just type text into the space provided, press the tab key to add indentation to the text lines and select the Draw Mind Map button to see it transform. The mind maps can be downloaded as a PDF or picture file.

Indeed, creating mind maps can now be done in a jiffy due to the abundance of applications that are available to everyone. It is just up to the user to determine which one best responds to his or her needs.


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