Connected Educator Month – What You Need to Know

Teaching is a calling and a vocation. If all you want in a job is regular praise and acknowledgment, don’t teach. If you want a big monetary compensation, don’t teach. Teaching, at times, is a sacrifice, and your achievements will sometimes go unnoticed. But, if you’re looking for the kind of job that will allow you to impact and mold lives behind the scenes, then there’s no better way to do that than to be a teacher.

Teachers connecting with teachers

Being a teacher is not just about planning your lessons, checking papers, teaching the students, and going to parent-teacher meetings. It is not a stagnant and routine job where every day gives you the same situation, the same problems, and the same challenges. Teaching is a noble endeavor, an ever-changing thing. It is one that you must be able to keep up with. Otherwise, you won’t become an effective teacher—and it may as well just be a job that keeps food in your fridge.

Given this, teaching shouldn’t isolate you from your colleagues. To be an effective teacher and improve your teaching methods, you must reach out to other educators. This will allow you to gather more experiences, observe trends, and improve your teaching techniques. There are various channels where you can reach out to your peers and discuss teaching practices. There are also various means that you can use to gather more resources—such as programs, seminars, and collaborative projects.

One of the most popular and successful organizations of this endeavor is the Connected Educator Month. Here are just a few things you need to know about it, especially if you’re looking to up your teaching game.

What is Connected Educator Month?

Developed by the US Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology in 2012, Connected Educator Month is a month-long series of lectures, seminars, and collaborative programs geared more towards providing teachers with the opportunity to connect with fellow educators.

Its goals include the following:

  • Acquiring and gaining sustainable and valuable teaching resources;
  • Helping educators become proficient in social media;
  • Developing professional learning both in and out of the classroom; and
  • Encouraging and promoting partnerships and collaborations amongst educators and stakeholders alike.

Every year, more and more participants are joining the Connected Educator Month. From large government groups such as the American Council on Education to private organizations such as Edutopia, this endeavor is certainly making waves in the education sector.

When is it? Every October of every year is Connected Educator Month. With a growing number of educators and stakeholders alike, expect it to have more interactions and more opportunities for you to improve your teaching skills and expand your network. If you’re serious about developing your connections and acquiring more knowledge through it, sign up and look into how you can contribute and benefit from the Connected Educator Month.

Why should you be involved in Connected Educator Month? Co-author of the book The Connected Educator, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, stresses the importance of being connected to your fellow educator. The feeling of collegiality when teachers discuss what works and what doesn’t can lead to innovation and changes in the classroom. With just this particular way of thinking, one simply cannot deny the value of networks and connections with your fellow educators.

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